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10 Movies that feature the magic of the Eternal City

Let’s explore some of the movies that borrowed Rome’s magic by featuring its breathtaking ...

30th Jul 2019

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6 Unusual Places to visit in Rome

And now for something completely different about Rome!

17th May 2019

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5 places in Rome where to go with kids

Even if Rome does not seem the appropriate city to bring your children for holidays, I would ...

3rd May 2019

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The 5 most Beautiful Places where to Ski near Rome

Are you an athletic person? Do you love skiing? This guide is for you!

19th Apr 2019

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The 8 Most Breathtaking Panoramic View in Rome

Rome, globally known as the Eternal City, is also famous for its beauty and those wonderful ...

5th Apr 2019

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The 11 Best Photo Spots in Rome

Rome is one of the more suitable cities to take amazing and inimitable pictures

28th Mar 2019

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5 Secret Passages and Places of Underground Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everybody knows that. But what everybody doesn’t know so well ...

19th Apr 2019

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Hidden Gems in Rome

A complete guide to the Rome hidden treasures

15th Mar 2019

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Visiting Sant'Angelo District in Rome

A complete guide to the tiniest district in Rome

1st Mar 2019

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Visiting Sant'Eustachio District in Rome

Everything you have to know about the VIII rione of Rome

22nd Feb 2019

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