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Piazza Navona Christmas Market in Rome

Where to go to feel the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Rome all around you? Every year ...

20th Dec 2021

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Discover the oldest "shopping mall" in the world

Who loves going to shopping malls and choosing special goods at the best prices? Today, we ...

3rd Dec 2021

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The history of the Vatican Obelisk and its Globe

St. Peter’s Square is the monumental symbol of the whole Vatican City, one of the smallest ...

19th Nov 2021

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Coppedé Quarter: an hidden treasure of Rome

Rome has no shortage of breathtaking sites to discover. While the most famous ones such as the ...

21st Oct 2021

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Explore Calcata a picturesque bohemian town

Calcata is definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Located at 45 kilometers drivin ...

7th Oct 2021

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Discover Tempietto del Bramante, a Renaissance architectural masterpiece

The off the beaten track sites in Rome are not one but many. This time, we are heading towards ...

30th Sep 2021

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Discover Barbarano and the Marturanum National Park

Have you ever heard about Tuscia? This area, which is only 1.5 hours driving from the Eternal ...

2nd Sep 2021

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Discover 4 off the beaten path gems in Rome

With plenty of historical facts to recount, Rome has way too much to explore than just the ...

22nd Jul 2021

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