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About Rome

Rome wasn't built in a day... but in a day I visited it

The story about a wonderful day in the Eternal City with private guide.


The 6 best places to visit in Rome by night

There is a reason if Rome is called the Eternal City. It is the city that never sleeps. Let's discov ...


7 unconventional places around Rome

Choose an alternative itinerary discovering Rome’s most bizzarre places..


“Regina Viarum”: an enthusiasthic tale about the Appian Way

Appian Way is a roman road that connected Rome to Brindisi..


A different point of view: Vernacular Poets and amazing Tours!

Take a literary tour through Rome and Italy as a whole..


Street Art in Rome: Testaccio, Quadraro, San Lorenzo

Art is coming out of galleries and frames, ready to spread into the streets and live among the peopl ...


Aperitivo in Rome

Aperitivo is not just drinking nor just eating.. It is almost a philosophy for Italians!


Coppedè Borough and Casina delle Civette: a little bit of magic in the heart of Rome!

Have you ever had a desire to explore the secret districts of a large city to know its true magic?


Visit the Catacombs in Rome

Take a journey through underground Rome and discover the tunnels where pagans, then Christians, ...


3 Truths you don’t know about Inquisition and Illuminati

Among all possible topics about Rome and its history, Inquisition and Illuminati are still the most ...


Are you looking for great ceilings in Rome? Here’s our top 5

Sure, you are! In Rome there are so many great ceilings to peer at. Visiting historical buildings ...


5 Secret Passages and Places of Underground Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everybody knows that. But what everybody doesn’t know so well is ...


St. Peter’s through the keyhole

Looking for romantic spots in Rome? Seeing St. Peter’s Church through the keyhole of the Priory of ...


Bernini and Borromini: a Baroque Saga between Geniuses

Bernini and Borromini: nothing can strike you more than Baroque. In Baroque art and architecture, ...


Rome off the beaten track

Rome is famous for its main tourist sites, such as the Colosseum and Vatican, but there are also ...