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The 8 Most Breathtaking Panoramic View in Rome

About Rome


if you want to enjoy an overview of the city or just wish to spend some romantic time in front of a breathtaking panorama, keep reading! You will discover the most beautiful observation decks in Rome, where also Roman people love to spend their time benefitting the view of their wonderful city.

  1. Gianicolo

In the city center of Rome, on the hill behind Trastevere, the most famous Roman observation deck is located. The Gianicolo is a big square characterized by the presence of the statue of Garibaldi in the center but, mostly, by the amazing view that it offers. This is because of the great position above the Tiber river, which allows people to admire the whole city. For instance, it is very simple to distinguish many of the greatest and most famous Roman attractions, among which the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, and the Vittoriano. 

Try to reach the Gianicolo before 12.00, because at that time every day three soldiers fire the cannon, whose noise resonates in all the city. I suggest enjoying this experience, a tradition that goes back to 1846 when Pope Pio IX synchronized all Roman churches’ bells in order to avoid confusion on time.

  1. Pincio

Another famous roof terrace in Rome is immersed in the Villa Borghese park and it is called Pincio. Its position directly takes the gaze to the central landmark of Piazza del Popolo. Thanks to the typical light of the Roman summer’s sunsets, the Pincio is one of the most breathtaking observation decks of the city with one of the most envied views.

  1. Trinità dei Monti

The very central Trinità dei Monti is usually ignored because of its proximity to the very famous Piazza di Spagna. Locals and tourists are so amazed by the wonderful square not to notice the beautiful terrace located above it. Climb the stair to enjoy a unique view of both the square and the whole city center, according to the point of view you chose. In fact, if you continue walking along the boulevard that leads to Villa Medici, you will be able to enjoy unusual views on the old town, such as the astonishing skyline created by so typical domes.

Are you a lazy person? You got no excuses! There is an elevator that will take you to Trinità dei Monti from the square.

  1. Cupola di San Pietro

Of course, as you can imagine, from the famous dome of St. Peter’s Basilica it is possible to enjoy a wonderful sight. Climbing to the top of the Dome, you will be able to admire a 360° extraordinary view.


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  1. Campidoglio

Among the many beautiful terraces in Rome, the Campidoglio is the one that offers a more particular and peculiar glimpse: here it is possible to take wonderful pictures (similar to the postcards’ ones)! You will enjoy the view from even three points! Do not miss this amazing vision!

  1. Giardino degli Aranci

Parco Savello sull’Aventino, better known as Giardino degli Aranci, offers one of the most romantic views in Rome. In a small green area, this terrace will give you the opportunity to admire a wonderful sunset! The terrace is located in front of the Gianicolo and above the Tiberine Island. One of the points easily visible is the squared dome of the biggest Synagogue in Europe.

  1. Vittoriano

The Vittoriano is the monument created to celebrate the memory of Vittorio Emanuele II and, on its top, there are many extraordinary panoramic terraces from where it is possible to admire unique sights on the city of Rome. The easiest points to catch with your look will be the old town, the ancient Rome, and the Eur district. It is also possible to reach the very top of the Vittoriano with the use of an elevator. But be careful if you are afraid of heights!

  1. Lo Zodiaco

Lo Zodiaco is located on Monte Mario, which is the highest point of the city of Rome. There are a bar and restaurant and it is located next to a park, but the most important is that it allows people to admire the best and most beautiful panoramic view of the entire city. Amazing during the day and at night: a unique experience!

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