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Venice Tours

Let our guides will show you all the top sites of Venice: St. Mark’s Square and its Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and the charming Rialto district. Customize your tour adding a gondola ride or make it kid-friendly with a funny scavanger’s hunt along the city. Looking for a day trip? Our private driver will take you with its with boat to visit Venice Islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Things to do

On the coast of the Veneto Region, in the north of Italy, lies one of the most romantic and peculiar places in the world: Venice. Many newlyweds come to Venice to spend their honeymoon on the lagoon, but our Venice tours are also a fantastic chance to explore plenty of attractions with your family or friends.

What makes Venice so unique and beautiful? Being situated in a lagoon, the city is literally built out of the sea and water is an integral part of everyday life for the Venetians. Nicknamed the floating city, in Venice you won’t find tarmac roads, instead you will find canals (the most famous being the iconic Grand Canal.) Drivers of every kind navigate Venice not with cars but with boats, from taxi drivers to private motorists and even the emergency services!

Discover with Rome Private Guides the finest tourist attractions in Venice, one of the four powerful Maritime Republics of Italy, with our guided tours of Venice. The heart of the Venice is St. Mark’s square, or Piazza San Marco, one of the most elegant squares in Europe. Here lies the beautiful St. Mark’s Basilica. St Mark’s Basilica boasts stunning mosaic works and the so-called Golden Pall, an altar enriched with more than 2000 gems! Another tourist attraction in Venice is the Doge’s Palace, where you will travel back in time and discover the political life of the floating city at the time of the Republic. Wander through the Rialto district and walk across the legendary Bridge of Sighs. How did the Bridge of Sighs get its peculiar name? Find out with a fully licensed RPG guide.

Make sure you see all the best tourist attractions in Venice with an experienced local guide, choosing one of RPG’s Venice tours. We will organize and tailor your tour with skip-the-line tickets and we can enhance your experience adding a tour of the Rialto Market, a private gondola ride or a trip to Burano, Murano and Torcello, three islands of the Lagoon, famous for their laces and glassmaking. We can provide private drivers with boats for transfer within Venice or to escort you to the Venetian Islands. We are confident you will enjoy the beautiful city of Venice with our finest tours of Venice.

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