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Travel in Italy

Roman Holiday, a movie that made the History of Cinema

A story about "Roman Holiday". Discover the movie and the amazing places of Rome that appear therein.

11th Aug 2017

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Why shall I go on a cruise?

There are a lot of good reasons to choose a cruise. Read this article and you'll find out.

1st Aug 2017

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Rome wasn't built in a day... but in a day I visited it

The story about a wonderful day in the Eternal City with private guide.

31st Jul 2017

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The 6 best places to visit in Rome by night

There is a reason if Rome is called the Eternal City. It is the city that never sleeps. Let's discover it by ...

25th Jul 2017

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Carnival in Venice

Venice Carnival is one of the oldest and most glamour worldwide. Let's discover it with us.

11th Jul 2017

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Pizza in Naples

Let's discover the most famous pizzerias in Naples.

4th Jul 2017

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7 unconventional places around Rome

Choose an alternative itinerary discovering Rome’s most bizzarre places..

22nd Jun 2017

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Wines in Tuscany

Wine is one of the cornerstones of Italian lifestyle..

12th Jun 2017

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Shakespeare's Places in Venice

Many works by Shakespeare take place in Italy..

6th Jun 2017

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“Regina Viarum”: an enthusiasthic tale about the Appian Way

Appian Way is a roman road that connected Rome to Brindisi..

30th May 2017

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