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About Venice

What to do In Venice in case of High Water

One of the most breathtakingly romantic cities in the world, due to its lagoon, islands, imposing architecture ...

21st Jun 2019

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The Most Romantic Places in Venice

Venice is the ideal backdrop for Romance: discover the most Romantic places to visit!

7th Jun 2019

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Public Transportation in Venice: Our Guide

How to travel by public transport in Venice? Learn more!

21st Mar 2019

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Visiting Murano, Burano and Torcelli: a Useful Guide

Are you spending some days in Venice and you just wish to escape from the crowded places? I get it!

7th Nov 2018

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Cicchetti in Venice: what are and where to eat them

The word Cicchetto - the singular form of Cicchetti- indicates small snacks or side dishes served in traditional ...

7th Sep 2018

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The Six Sestieres of Venice

An helpful guide to discover the six districts of Venice

18th May 2018

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Children in Venice: an incredible adventure

Hi! We are Loreta and Mark, we want to tell You our experience in Italy. In our opinion we have got the best ...

11th Apr 2018

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A story about Giacomo Casanova

This is the story of the womanizer par excellance. This is the story of Giacomo Casanova.

4th Sep 2017

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Carnival in Venice

Venice Carnival is one of the oldest and most glamour worldwide. Let's discover it with us.

11th Jul 2017

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Shakespeare's Places in Venice

Many works by Shakespeare take place in Italy..

6th Jun 2017

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