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The 5 most Beautiful Places where to Ski near Rome

About Rome


If while in Rome you decide to spend some time skiing on the Italian mountains without getting too far from the capital city, keep reading and discover where to go and how to get there.

The following ski resorts are those that you will be able to reach in 2 driving hours, or even less, from the most famous ones to the less known but equally beautiful.


  1. MONTE LIVATA (Rome)



from December 15th to March 24th


8 km

2 blue  3 red  1 black


1200 m downstream

1400 m altitude


7 ski lifts

3 chair lifts

Monte Livata part of the Simbruini mountain range and it is 84,1 km distant from Rome and can be reached in almost 1 hour and 25 minutes by car. It is the only ski resort in the province of Rome and it is composed of 8 pistes that allow alpine skiing for any skier.

Fossa dell’Acero, Campo dell’Osso is the area dedicated to snowboard, easy pistes, ski classes, and spaces for little sleds. Also the "Family Park" is located here; in fact, this is the area where children and families prefer spending their time.

To practice cross-country ski is also possible is Monte Livata, where even many national championships take place. In fact, one of these tracks also hosts La Sgambata, a cross-country competition that takes place every year.

Spending your time there will also give you the opportunity to admire wonderful views: snowshoe walking during the night is a unique experience.


  1. OVINDOLI (L’Aquila)



from December 19th to April 30th


25 km

7 blue  7 red  7 black


1505 m downstream

2056 m at altitude


5 ski lifts

5 chair lifts

1 cable car

The Ovindoli ski resort is inside the Sirente-Velino park and you will be able to reach it in 1 hour and 25 minutes by car from Rome since it is 130 km far from the capital city. This ski resort is full of wonderful pistes where it is possible to enjoy with the alpine ski: some of these are the reason why Ovindoli is famous in the whole peninsula.

Another element that characterizes this ski resort as the best one in center-south Italy is its huge automatic snowmaking system.

As just mentioned, the alpine ski is the most practiced in Ovindoli. The black pistes are the most famous and remarkable. The one I would suggest is the Pistone one; from the 1990 meters of the Monte Freddo, you can reach the 540 meters in one breath.

There are also 2 snow parks: the Magnola Upper Park (at 1980 metres) and the Magnola Lower Park (at 1650 metres). The Dolce Vita piste is located in Lower Park and it is a not-to-miss track because it gives people the opportunity to ski at night as it is illuminated.


  1. CAMPO FELICE (L’Aquila)



from December 22nd to March 31st


30 km

6 blue  12 red  5 black


1520 m downstream

2064 m altitude


6 ski lifts

9 chair lifts

Campo Felice is very easy to reach from Rome, only 121 km far, in almost 1 hour and 35 minutes by car and it is one of the best Italian Apennine ski resorts. It is surrounded by five mountains taller than 2000 meters, which assure a wonderful background to your skiing.

As Ovindoli (or maybe even more), Campo Felice can boast a wonderful automatic snowmaking system which makes its pistes the most state-of-the-art.

Another element that contributes to Campo Felice’s state-of-art is its structure. This ski resort has 23 pistes for a total of 30 km.

There are many different kinds of pistes, which are perfect for any level of skiing. My suggestion, for the expert ones, is to take the black piste called Delle Aquile, which descend from the Monte Rotondo on a drop of 600 meters. The blue and red pistes are also worth mentioning, even if they are much shorter.

For children, many ski classes are arranged in Campo Felice and many snow games, such as snow tubes and little sleds, are organized for them.

Moreover, a well-equipped snow park is at the disposal of snowboarders and freeskiers.





from December 22nd to March 31st


9 km

3 blue  1 red  1 black


1400 m downstream

1635 m altitude


2 ski lifts

Driving 1 hour and 35 minutes from Rome, you will travel 107 km and reach Camporotondo di Cappadocia. In this small touristic place in the center of the Simbruini Mountains, it is possible to enjoy free time in wonderful places.

In fact, the ski resort of Campo Rotondo is surrounded by a marvelous uncontaminated oasis, where it is easy to enjoy silence and peace. Here, it is also possible to practice cross-country skiing and excursions.

Among the most recommended itineraries you will find both easy and hard tracks. Enjoy the Macchialunga and Piano della Renga or, if you are not so expert you will be able to try easier pistes such as the Punta di Cesa Cotta of and Piano della Serra.


  1. TERMINILLO (Rieti)



from December 15th to April 7th


9 km

3 blue  6 red  1 black


1628 m downstream

2108 m altitude


1 ski lifts

3 chair lifts

1 cable car

Terminillo is one of the most famous ski resorts near Rome, and it can be reached in 1 hour and 50 minutes by car. Indeed it has been very popular among people who live in the capital city, mostly during the 60s and 70s. After that decades, this place spent a decadent period until today, when the Leonessa Campo Stella connection projects took the ski resort back to its fame.

Today, the 30 km of pistes in Terminillo is mainly on the Terminilluccio and Terminilletto.

To reach the Terminilluccio people take the cable car dated back to the 30s where they can take the chair lift to arrive on the top of the Ternimilletto, from where the most technical and astonishing pistes descend.

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