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Vatican Tours

After the Colosseum, the Vatican is one of the top tourist destinations in Rome. Choose between our small group tours and private tours and our guides will guide you through the countless galleries of the Vatican Museums, the stunning Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. We will provide skip the line tickets and if you travel with your family we will assign you a fabulous kid-frendly guide!

Please note that, for disabled visitors with certified invalidity of more than 74%, the Vatican Museums offers free entry that is extended to a companion for visitors who are not self-sufficient. To benefit from this, make sure you mention it at the time of booking so that our staff may handle your request.

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Best of the Vatican Small Group Tour

Our Small Group Tour of the Vatican is the perfect chance to get an affordable but quality tour of ...

From 115€

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Best of the Vatican Private Guided Tour

Our most popular private tour of the Vatican is our Best of the Vatican Private Guided tour. With ...

Combo tour Vatican and Colosseum

Enjoy pre-reserved access to the Colosseum and Vatican, touring Rome's two biggest attractions in ...

From 140€

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Combo Private Tour of Colosseum with arena entrance and Vatican

Do you have limited time in Rome? Or perhaps you simply prefer to combine your tour of the Colosseum ...

Rome and Vatican Shore Trip

Enjoy the ultimate shore trip to Rome during your cruise stop at Civitavecchia Port. You will be ...

Rome in a Day Private Tour

Visiting Rome in one day is certainly a challenge. To help you squeeze out the most possible of your ...

Once in a Lifetime Extended Tour of the Vatican

Book the most extensive VIP visit to the Vatican: choose our Extended Tour of the Vatican with acces ...

Best of the Vatican Tour for kids

Visit the Vatican highlights with this family-orientated, skip the line private tour. Your dedicated ...

Vatican Treasure Hunt for Kids

Are you looking for a really interactive private tour of the Vatican, to make sure your kids are ...

About: Vatican Tours

Vatican Tours give you the chance to explore some of the greatest historical and artistic attractions in the world, located within the Vatican territory.

Here are some of the main attractions you can visit during a Vatican tour:

  • Saint Peter’s Basilica: It is the largest church in the world and one of the most sacred places of Christianity. The basilica houses the tomb of Saint Peter and some of the greatest works of art of the Renaissance, including Michelangelo’s Pietà.
  • The Sistine Chapel: It is one of the most famous chapels in the world and houses some of Michelangelo’s most famous works, including the vault painted with the creation of Adam and the fall of man.
  • The Vatican Museum: It is one of the largest and most important museums in the world, with an extensive collection of art, sculpture, manuscripts and historical treasures. The museum houses some of the most famous works of art in the world, including the Sistine Madonna by Raphael and the sculpture by Laocoön.
  • The Cabinet of the Masks: a Vatican's Secret Chamber in which appear several female sculptures including a reproduction of the group of the Three Graces, a statue of Nympha and some statues of Aphrodite.
  • The Vatican City: The Vatican City Tour will give you the opportunity to see some of the city’s most iconic sights, including St Peter’s Square, the Apostolic Palace, St Peter’s Dome and the Fountain of Neptune.
  • Cortile della Pigna: It is a courtyard of the Vatican Museum with a large pine cone sculpture, one of the largest in the world.

These are just a few of the main attractions you can visit on a Vatican tour. Tours can be done with a guide or independently and often include priority access to avoid long queues at the entrance.

What are skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican?

Skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican are tickets that give you the chance to skip the line at the entrance of the Vatican Museums. With these tickets, you can access attractions without having to wait in long lines, thus saving valuable time during your visit.

Skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican can be purchased online in advance or directly at the official sales points at the entrance of the Museums. In some cases, skip-the-line tickets may also include a guided tour or priority access to some areas of the Vatican Museums.

It is important to note that even with skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican, access to certain areas of the Museums may be restricted based on the number of visitors allowed inside at any given time, so you may have to wait to access some sections of the Museums.

In general, it is a good idea to buy skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican if you want to avoid long queues and to have the opportunity to visit the attractions more efficiently, especially during the periods of greater tourist turnout.

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