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The Orange Garden in Rome: the perfect place for a romantic walk

Located on the Aventine Hill, Parco Savello, commonly known as the Orange Garden, is one of the ...

25th Nov 2022

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Ponte Milvio: a scenic area of Rome

Ponte Milvio, also known as Milvian Bridge, is a bridge that crosses the river Tiber in Rome

11th Nov 2022

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6 Beautiful Villas in Rome and their gardens

The villas are a historical and cultural heritage that makes Rome one of the most beautiful ...

10th Nov 2022

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Basilica San Clemente: some curiosities about its undergrounds

One of the sites where you can retrace the last 2000 years of history is the Basilica of San ...

20th Sep 2022

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How to visit and what to see in Coppedè district in Rome

In the centre of Rome, you can visit one of the city's most characteristic districts. A corner ...

26th Aug 2022

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What were ancient Roman houses like?

The Roman house, having to take into account in its architectural structure the limited space ...

29th Jul 2022

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Rome and Fashion: discover Valentino at the Spanish Steps

The Eternal city is definitely full of iconic landmarks to see: for years it has been chosen as ...

14th Jul 2022

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Castel Gandolfo a journey to experience Art, Food and Water Sport!

The Roman countryside is full of surprises for visitors approaching Rome and surroundings. In a ...

6th Jul 2022

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Discover the Cabinet of the Masks in the Vatican Museums

Welcome to the Vatican Museums, one of the largest existing art collections in the world, consi ...

24th Jun 2022

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Discover Rome and Vatican by Golf Cart

Are you planning a summer trip to the Eternal City? Are you eager to explore its timeless wonde ...

14th Jun 2022

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