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5 places in Rome where to go with your children

5 places in Rome where to go with kids
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Keep reading to discover 5 places in Rome where to go with your kids, where they will learn while playing!


  1. Explora
  2. Parks: Villa Borghese and Gianicolo
  3. Bioparco di Roma
  4. Axel Ice Rink
  5. Città Del Sole


1. Explora

This wonderful place is a real Museum for children and is located inside the old Borghetto Flaminio tram depot.

Its function is to make your children feel like adults, or like playing to be adult. In fact, Explora is the miniature of a small town, where every activity has its own educative side. For instance, you can find the supermarket where children learn the importance of reading the tags, the vegetable garden where they can understand the differences among the many vegetables, and many and many other interesting and funny games.

Your children will love it, and will desire to spend the whole day there!

2. Parks: Villa Borghese and Gianicolo

Almost every park of Rome offers carousels and distractions for children but the two more historical ones are the two that follow.

In Villa Borghese, your children will have fun on rickshaws, tandem bikes, and karts. You can also choose to rent a pedalo or a small boat to go on the famous small lake surrounded by the lovely ducks.

The Gianicolo puppet show at the Teatro di Pulcinella is very famous and all the children of Rome love it. You should definitely take your kids to see the show and, after that, you should take advantage of its location to wait for the cannon shot at noon.

3. Bioparco di Roma

The Italian word "bioparco" can be easily translated with "zoo", which of course is a big area full of animals of every species.

In Rome, inside Villa Borghese park, you will find 4 km of a wonderful green area where your kids will be able to watch elephants, tigers, monkeys, and all the species that can be usually found in the zoos. Each of these animals lives in an environment that has the same characteristics of every species’ habitat, so they are not closed in restricted cages but can enjoy the setting as their nature wants to.

Moreover, there is an entire space dedicated to reptiles and one area dedicated to wolves, the symbol of the city of Rome. Do not miss to explain the history of the birth of Rome to your children while they watch these fascinating animals.

4. Axel Ice Rink

Go and find the Axel penguin in the only ice rink in the heart of Rome. The penguin is the mascotte who will entertain your children in this amazing ice rink 3000 sqm large. Here your children will spend a different afternoon on their skates!

5. Città Del Sole

Città del sole is the name of a very famous toy store in Rome. Really, this should not be considered a real toy store and you will understand the reason only when you will get inside one of the 8 shops in Rome.

Here your children will have the opportunity to play with the same games you used when you were their age. For this reason, Città del Sole is an experience for adults too, who will find games of your childhood, maybe forgotten or maybe believed not to exist anymore.

This shop also offers many educational toys of any kind, so your children will play while learning any subject they are interested in. For example, toys from all around the world teach your children and help them in the discovery of foreign cultures; while kits for the chemical and physical experiment will train your little scientists and engineers.

Città del sole is a toy store, which is not a real toy store, for people of every age, to turn fantasy and creativity on!

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