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The 11 Best Photo Spots in Rome

About Rome


Rome is globally famous for its beauty: everyone has dreamt, at least once in his or her life, to spend some time in this historical, magical, romantic city. This is because Rome contains in itself history, modernism, lifestyle, fun, and beautiful unique hidden corners where people can discover different and new aspects of the Eternal City.

Here it is for you a guide of must-see spots in Rome for photo-camera lovers, so you will have the opportunity to go back home and show to your friends the amazing pictures you have taken during your holidays, adequate to a professional photographer.

  1. Piazza della Rotonda
  2. Isola Tiberina
  3. Gianicolo
  4. Ponte Umberto I
  5. Giardino degli Aranci
  6. Via Piccolomini
  7. Via Appia Antica (Appian Way)
  8. Parco degli Acquedotti
  9. Quartiere Trullo
  10. Clivo di Scauro
  11. Dome of St. Ignazio Church


1. Piazza della Rotonda

The first place I suggest you visit to take amazing pictures is a square where one of the most famous Roman monuments is located, the Pantheon.

In fact, the Pantheon is a must in the Roman photos and no one can miss taking a picture of this beautiful building after having watched it for the first time. During the day, at night, on a sunny day and when it rains, the Pantheon remains a marvelous model for your pictures. Anyway, the suggestion would be to benefit from the light at night, which enlightens the Pantheon in a very special way, from the bottom of the columns; you, with your camera, will have the opportunity to admire this fascinating temple dominating the whole square with the impressive columns with almost 2000 years!

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2. Isola Tiberina

Tiber Island springs up the river that crosses the whole city of Rome, the Tiber River, and it is located in the historical center of the city.

Here you will admire wonderful glimpses and beautiful panoramas: on the edges of the river, you will enjoy unique and amazing views. You will be able to reach it through the access on the left of Ponte Cestio, which connects the island with the Lungotevere degli Anguillara, while Ponte Fabricio joins it with the Lungotevere de’ Cenci.
We suggest taking your pictures on the Ponte Cestio side, where it is possible to admire astonishing staircases, trees, the ponte rotto ruins, and many typical and beautiful foreshortening.

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3. Gianicolo
 The Gianicolo is the panoramic terrace of Rome and it is famous because of its cannon that blanks every day precisely at 12 o’clock.

From here it is possible to take amazing panoramic pictures framing also the St. Peter’s dome and Regina Coeli prison. If you walk and venture, you will reach the very famous Fontanone (Acqua Paola Fountain) and the Roma o Morte monument, which are very near the Piazzale del Gianicolo and where you will take more beautiful pictures. There it is located also a church with a cloister that house the Temple of St. Peter’s in Montorio projected by Bramante in 1500. It is believed that this temple inspired many architects of modern times. 

4. Ponte Umberto I

Still, in the historical center of Rome, we suggest you find and reach the Umberto I Bridge to take marvelous pictures towards the Vatican and the Dome, in Rome called Cupolone.

The best time to enjoy this view and to take the amazing pictures at sunset when the sun goes down behind the astonishing St. Peter’s Dome. The bridge connects the left bank of the Tiber with the right bank and it is ending on the right in front of the Justice Palace called by the Romans the “Ugly Palace”.

5. Giardino degli Aranci

The Giardino degli Aranci, which literally means Orange Garden, is another photo not to be missed and one of the most beautiful parks of the city, situated on the Aventine.

At first glance, it seems to be no more than an alley surrounded by orange trees, full of flowers in spring and oranges in summer. Indeed, it is marvelous in all the seasons and periods of the years with its colors and lights that make this one of the most photogenic gardens in Rome. The panoramic viewpoint offers a unique and splendid visit on St. Peter and on the Vittoriano on the background almost enclosed by pines and street lamps.
We suggest you wait for sunset, where the panorama will be breathtaking. Another suggestion is to take the pictures with a good camera: mobile phones’ pictures are not enough to depict the fascination of this place.

6. Via Piccolomini

A unique place in Rome, to take pictures and not to be missed at all, is Via Piccolomini. What is unique about this street is the opportunity to admire St. Peter’s Dome in a totally new way; it is really a unique experience!

While walking on the street, more you get close to the dome, more it gets smaller, giving the visual effect that it is receding in the background. While, on the contrary, farther you are, larger it seems rising up. This prospective game makes the visual fascinating and this street very unique. It is a curious optical effect given to the position of the surrounding buildings and to the point of view.
Don’t lose the opportunity to catch the dome from different perspectives!

7. Via Appia Antica (Appian Way)

Via Appia Antica was one of the most important ancient Roman Roads and it is a place full of historical heritage and ancient ruins.

The street goes from the center of Rome and reaches the outside of the city, in the direction of Naples. A walk on this street is like a stroll on an open-space museum, and which is definitely worth. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the opportunity to admire a very special place and to take very special pictures. Once you reach to the Catacombs of St. Sebastian near there is a monument called “Cecilia Metella Tomb”: it is a clear example of Ancient architecture that merges into medieval architecture since it will be “re-used” in the middle age times.

8. Parco degli Acquedotti

Still on Appia Antica, you will find the Parco degli Acquedotti, which is one of the architectonic Roman masterpieces. This is a structure of aqueducts, among which the Acquedotto Felice stands out because of its belonging to the sixteenth-century era, differently from the others that were constructed in the Roman era.

Discover its photographic charm, enjoying the mix between history and nature and discovering the fascination of the lost civility in the sunset light. In fact, it is not a case that many photo schools organize lessons in this park, where students can take particular and rare pictures of an extraordinary place, as you can do going there.

9. Quartiere Trullo

This section is about a very different kind of photo spot: this is not about history and nature, it is about a very modern and spectacular type of art, which is also able to make a normal suburban district in a real work of art.

While entering the Mercato del Trullo, you will find yourself in an open-space gallery where the building’s walls are completely decorated with illustrations, drawings, writings, and color stains.
Poeti der Trullo is a group created by seven young people of the Trullo district in Rome who made up this real poetic movement, which was born in the suburbs and was expanded through the web. This original group of people created this cultural activity giving new birth to one of the most famous Roman suburbs.
Discover how the Poeti der Trullo transformed an ordinary district into an amazing spot all about contemporary culture, in a very particular and beautiful way. Do not miss the opportunity to admire and take pictures of this very exceptional reborn district.

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10. Clivo di Scauro

Clivo di Scauro is a real gem in Rome; indeed, it is little known even from Roman citizens. It is located on the Monte Celio, at the entrance of Celimontana (you can reach it by walking a few minutes from Circo Massimo and Colosseum).

What is very special and impressive about this place is the amazing perspective its arches create: you will be able to take amazing and inimitable pictures!
Not far from there is a Church called the SS: Giovanni e Paolo, right below it was discovered a beautiful roman house with the Thermae and amazing roman paintings. For the Roman houses of Celio Hill an entrance fee is requested.

11. Dome of St. Ignazio Church

The Church is a splendid baroque church created in the 1600s in honor of St. Ignatius. The church is world known for its splendid baroque fake dome projected the Jesuit Monk Andrea Pozzo who was also an architect, a painter and a mathematician. Andrea Pozzo will project a spectacular painted Dome for the church that provides o the visitors an incredible perspective eye illusion even nowadays. He mixed perspective, elements of fantasy with architecture, we guarantee that you will not believe to your eyes! Do move around following with your eyes the life-size painted dome made of over 50 feet of canvas and take amazing pictures to show them to your friends!

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