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Ponte Milvio: a scenic area of Rome

Ponte Milvio, also known as Milvian Bridge, is a bridge that crosses the river Tiber in Rome

Ponte Milvio is a bridge that crosses the river Tiber in Rome that was fundamental during the Roman Empire for strategic and economic reasons and was also the bridge where the famous Battle of the Milvian Bridge took place in 312, leading to the beginning of Constantine’s Empire.

Originally called "Mulvius", a name that probably comes from the Mulvia family that would have commissioned it, it was in the Middle Ages called, according to popular usage, "Mole" or "Mollo". The latter name was attributed to the collapse of a central arch and the consequent temporary placement of a wooden walkway that swung at the passage

History and some curiosities about Ponte Milvio

Milvio Bridge

It was built in 109 B.C. by the Censor Marco Emilio Scauro and, despite being built "extra urbem", that is outside the city walls, it has always played a decisive role by virtue of its strategic position among the important Flaminia consular roads, Cassia, Clodia and Veientana.

In 1805, Pope Pius VII commissioned new restoration works to the great architect Giuseppe Valadier who designed the reorganization, replacing the drawbridges and building a fortified door at the north of the bridge: the famous tower in neoclassical style, today known as Torretta Valadier.

Ponte Milvio was restored and changed multiple times throughout the centuries because it was often damaged, sometimes intentionally, to protect the city from attacks. For instance, in 1850, Giuseppe Garibaldi’s army destroyed parts of the bridge to stop the French invasion.

There are several reasons why it deserves to be visited:

  • Lovers from all over the world have given loving attention with padlocks during the 2000s
  • Ponte Milvio is considered an essential destination of the Roman youth nightlife and meeting point of international tourist in search of new places to visit and enjoy
  • On the bridge you can breathe a magical atmosphere and intense sacredness
  • The nearby Foro Italico, the Olympic Stadium and the numerous bars and restaurants are a complete offer for those who want to live and visit the north of the capital
  • It’s a perfect place for taking a walk, looking at the Tiber, stopping for an aperitif and enjoy a few hours in carefree.

Nowadays Ponte Milvio is one of the most romantic areas for tourists and locals as well, having been the protagonist of many romantic scenes in movies.

The Italian movie “Ho voglia di te” (2007), written by Federico Moccia and directed by Luis Prieto, even launched the trend of putting padlocks with the initials of a person and his/her significant other attached to the bridge as a sign of everlasting love.
The most popular movie that sets a scene on Ponte Milvio is probably “Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo” (2004), directed by Luca Lucini. The two protagonists of the movie also put padlocks on the bridge!
The padlocks get removed every now and then though to prevent the damage of Ponte Milvio’s historical look.

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11th Nov 2022