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How to visit and what to see in Coppedè district in Rome

In the centre of Rome, you can visit one of the city's most characteristic districts. A corner of Rome with unexpected and bizarre features, a fantastic mixture of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, with infiltrations of Greek, Gothic, Baroque and even medieval art. Here is the Coppedè district, which I, a true Roman, take you to discover!

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The Coppedè district is a complex of buildings located in Rome's Trieste district, in the block between Via Tagliamento, Via Arno, Via Ombrone, Via Serchio and Via Clitunno.

Although not strictly a neighborhood, it was named after the architect who designed it and after whom it is named, Gino Coppedè. It consists of eighteen palaces and twenty-seven buildings  arranged around the central core of Piazza Mincio

What is caracteristic of this district of Rome?

The architecture is definitely unusual: amidst marbles, loggias, decorations, arches and turrets, you will find yourself walking among buildings that echo the Art Nouveau style, but also Baroque and in some cases even medieval architecture.

You should also know that, because of its particular architecture, the district was chosen by director Dario Argento as the backdrop for some scenes of his films: Inferno and L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo, at the time, around the 1970s, were terrifying crime films.....

What to see on a little walking tour of the Coppede' district 

You enter the district from Via Dora, passing under a large monumental arch that joins two buildings known as 'degli ambasciatori' (of the ambassadors) and, already after a few steps, you leave the hubbub of traffic on Viale Regina Margherita to enter a decidedly quieter area.You can now pass the arch and enter the main square, Piazza Mincio, and admire the Fountain of the Frogs, built in 1924. It is said that architect Gino Coppedè took his inspiration from Bernini's Fountain of the Turtles in the ghetto.

This fountain is also famous because of the bath the Beatles took there after one of their concerts held in the nearby Piper disco. In front of you now is the 'centrepiece' of the neighbourhood, the 'Villino delle Fate', consisting of three small villas that share walls and have their entrances on Via Aterno, Via Brenta and Piazza Mincio. 

Where to eat in the Coppedè district ?

In Via Po, we recommend Bucavino for the particularity of its premises located below street level: it is worth going down to the basement to try the traditional local cuisine. Prices are affordable: a full dinner costs 30 euros.

So what are you waiting for? Take a trip to Coppedè.

26th Aug 2022