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What to do In Venice in case of High Water

About Venice


Known as Acqua Alta in Italian, this phenomenon occurs when tides reach their maximum peak in the northern Adriatic Sea converging with the sirocco winds and affecting the Venetian Lagoon.  This causes a flood within the city that mainly happens between autumn and spring, however, due to the global climate change it has been happening out of season as well.

High Water in Venice usually lasts for a few hours but duration may also vary according to the area you are in and how it gets hit by the Venetian Lagoon overflow.

Before booking your trip, you can track Acqua Alta by downloading Hi!Tide app but should you experience this phenomenon unexpectedly during your trip, here are some beautiful experiences to consider.

It will give you the unforgettable experience of enjoying St.Mark’s square filled with water from the lagoon. Remember to put on your rain boots or buy disposable waterproof ones provided by the on-street Vendors. Keep in mind that the water will be cold and dirty so it’s best to protect your health. You will see children playing but locals and tourist are also playful about this experience.

Take a walk in Acqua Alta

See Venice as you have never seen it before, walk through the squares and spend some time interacting with the locals to immerse yourself in the context. Their insight will help you discover romantic corners and must-do activities during High Tide in Venice. You can choose to hop onto the temporary walkways that are usually installed or brave the waters by channeling your inner child for a unique experience. You can take advantage of the out of the ordinary context to take some amazing pictures. The caffés in St.Mark’s square make for a great refuge as you wait for the water levels to get back to normal but their prices are famously expensive.


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Take a Kayak tour of Venice

High tide in fascinating Venice is actually one of the best times to choose to go kayaking and explore the city. By choosing a professional kayak tour you will not have to worry about which areas are tricky to kayak and you will be able to enjoy the sights in an authentic Venetian way.

Visit the Venetian Museums

Unless the flood is heavy, museums are open and you can take refuge within them to admire Venice’s artistic heritage. Remember to ask your hotel concierge, if a venue is open during high tide before heading out.

The most well-known, must-see museum is the Doge’s Palace which once was the home of the Venetian Doge, the supreme authority during the Venetian Republic. This Palace nowadays functions as a museum and boasts an impressive art collection and the paintings within it were specifically created for the Doge. If you are feeling particularly curious about Venetian history the opulent Doge’s Palace will give you an overall image of the Venetian society. The Piombi prison cell is worth viewing to discover the location where the legendary Giacomo Casanova was imprisoned and from where he famously escaped.

Another museum that will surely fascinate you is Gallerie dell’Accademia that is a heaven of paintings by Titian, Tiepolo, Veneziano and Bellini among others.

Visit the "Libreria Acqua Alta"

A unique waterfront bookstore specifically designed to welcome the flood, yes, you read that right, is awaiting to be experienced best during high tide. Offering tables and chairs you can sit at to peruse the books, Libreria Acqua Alta stores its inventory in bathtubs and old gondolas with everything set up to welcome the water so that the books may float once it hits. You can find adventure books, mystery and romance novels as well as comics among the featured genres you may enjoy in this hidden gem of Venice.

So, what to do in Venice in case of high water? Arm yourself with waterproof boots, love of life and make the best of the unusual circumstance by discovering the tours, activities and Venetian wonders that await you!

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