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Palazzo Stern in Venice: the Palace turned into a Hotel

Palazzo Stern is an ancient palace located in Venice, only a few steps away from Saint Mark’s square.

Palazzo Stern is an ancient palace located in Venice, only a few steps away from Saint Mark’s square. Once a private home for the Stern Family, the building has now been turned into a luxurious hotel after a long restoration!

History of Palazzo Stern

Palazzetto Stern was first built in the XV century for the Malpaga family. The building was partially destroyed by a fire and was not finished up until the XX century when it was bought and restored by the Stern family, hence the name.
The completion and restoration of the palace was commissioned by Ernesta de Hierschel Stern to architects Giuseppe Berti and Raffaele Maianella that decided to use ancient materials in order to maintain its original style.

The Stern Family was famous for collecting art and we owe the beauty of this palace to their prestigious taste

As said before, the Stern Palace has now been turned into a renowned hotel, full of works of art and historical pieces that will bring you back in time!

Architectural style of Stern Palace

The Stern Palace is a typical example of neo-gothic architecture and it is decorated on all its facades with many tiles and bas-reliefs.

The main facade faces Canal Grande and it's the most interesting one because it’s quite asymmetrical. It in fact has three-mullioned windows on the left and mullioned windows on the right and on the center of the palace.

It’s a three-storey building with a flat roof and a terrace on the Grand Canal located on the ground floor. Its front porch that leads you to a neo-gothic balustrade, presents a single-lancet window with pointed arches and on its left you will find a portal decorated with a marble bas-relief.

Hotel Palazzo Stern

Nowadays Palazzetto Stern is a 4-star hotel that will make you time travel with its beautiful interiors that are full of art, characterized by white marble columns, frescoes, arches, sculptures and much more… It's basically a museum!

The hotel also gives you the chance to dine on its beautiful terrace with a view of Canal Grande and it’s definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Venice.

Palazzetto Stern is definitely something you should add to the list of things to see in Venice! Visit our website and book a tour with us to get to know more about Venice and its history!

18th Nov 2022