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Let’s find out something more about the Secret Canals and Alleyways of the city of Venice and why you should visit them!

With its magical canals that you can cross as if they were streets and the beauty of its monuments, it’s no mystery that the city of Venice is full of wonders. What’s sometimes unknown to the public though is that this city has many hidden gems, like its secret canals. These Secret Canals are mainly located in the areas further away from the center of the city of Venice and because of this they may be harder to find for tourists, luckily though, you can explore through a tour of the Venice Shore Trip!


The city of Venice is crossed by circa 150 canals, some of which are more popular than others such as the Grand Canal. Some of these canals are completely natural, some others were modified by the population to make them bigger and deeper to facilitate the transportation of materials throughout the city.

These canals are nowadays 3 to 5 meters deep and their existence prevents buildings from sinking into the water course.

As previously mentioned, the canals are mainly used for transportation and if you want to explore the hidden gems of the city of Venice, we highly suggest you take a tour of the city by gondola. It’s a little expensive, sure, but it’s definitely worth it!



As said before, the city of Venice is filled with secret canals that can definitely be considered hidden gems. Some of the most important ones are located in districts like Cannaregio, Santa Croce, Castello and more.

Let’s go more in-depth about what you can find in each of these districts:



The Castello district is quite crowded as it’s filled with canals surrounded by floating shops and markets that sell incredible food. The area is also very well equipped with coffee shops that are very appreciated by locals. One of the most interesting aspects of this area is the Libreria Acqua Alta, an ancient bookshop where you will be able to find all kinds of books stored in very interesting places!



The Santa Croce district is filled with beautiful architecture with its buildings and churches and also canals that are quite ancient. These canals lead to very suggestive spots and bridges and most of them are quite unpopular amongst tourists so this area will be perfect if you want to get away from the crowds!



The district of Cannaregio is located in the northern area of Venice and it’s kind of further away from the areas a tourist would normally be in. This neighborhood is the perfect place to admire the typical local life. This area has three parallel canals that you can admire in tranquility or, if you prefer, you can wander around the district, which has some more crowded areas where you can also go get a drink or grab a bite. You could also consider getting Tapas and booking a tasting of this traditional food with us here. If you want to get to know more about this district, you could get a private tour of Cannaregio!



The Canals in Venice make for a very interesting and characteristic element and, if you want to impress the people you travel with, here are some facts about the Canals in Venice:


  1. The Canals in the city of Venice connect to the sea;
  2. It’s strictly prohibited to swim into the Canals in Venice and you could get over a 450€ fine for doing that;
  3. It’s also obviously recommended not to drink the water from the canals as it is quite polluted;
  4. There are over 150 canals in the city of Venice;


If you’d rather have someone explain facts about the canals in Venice more in-depth for you, we got you! Book a tour with us and explore the highlights of this magical city!



Exploring the Secret Canals of the city of Venice is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the depths of this city and also find out more about local life! Get to know more about the city of Venice by checking out our other blogs and booking a private tour of the city with us for the best experience possible!

5th Dec 2023