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The Most Romantic Places in Venice

About Venice


A celebration of European Art and Romance as well as one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world, Venice enchants hearts through the centuries with its inestimable artistic heritage and iconic settings.

Dripping with Romance, its timeless winding canals, small islands, intimate bridges, architectural elements and romantic waterfront create a perfect atmosphere for those who wish to bask in Love.

Here are some of the most breathtakingly romantic places to visit in the City of Love.


The Bridge of Sighs

Know in Italian as Ponte dei Sospiri, although it used to be the bridge where Venetian prisoners took their last sighs of freedom, nowadays, it is the perfect backdrop for romantic kisses. According to Venetian lore, couples that kiss under the Bridge of Sighs stay together forever and living in eternal bliss. Grab your partner and enjoy a magical gondola ride to test this legend!

After kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, you can continue your ride by asking your gondolier to take you through the more private canals away from the crowds and into a more intimate setting.

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Saint Mark's Square

The most iconic location in Venice. If you want to avoid the tourists and have the square all to yourself for the perfect romantic stroll, we recommend waking up early and visiting it during sunrise. The sky and its golden hues, as well as the waterfront, will take your breath away and you will be able to take outstanding pictures! Enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat in the square but be aware the prices are high.

Due to its opulence, Saint Mark’s church is known as the church of gold and boasts Italo-Byzantine style and golden mosaics.  A testament to the Doge’s wealth, the Doge’s Palace also stands in the square boasting a gothic structure, imposing staircases and governments chambers. It also houses an amazing masterpiece by the likes of Tintoretto and Titian.

Terrazza Danieli

Terrazza Danieli

For one of the most mesmerizingly romantic views of Venice City, choose to dine in style at the Terrazza Danieli and try out Venetian cuisine. It’s 180° waterfront view of the lagoon, islands and surrounding buildings is a surreal experience and will make you feel as if you are living in a fairytale! If you are looking to propose, then the best choice is the tables overlooking the San Giorgio islands. On request, you can have the restaurant insert your proposal ring into a delicious dessert as many do. Terrazza Danieli has one of the most beautiful views in the world and will be breathtaking to experience with your loved one.

Alberoni Beach

This Venetian beach is an oasis that is reserved to a few and not easy to access but well worth the experience! For unforgettable memories, those that know about this magical place choose to book a property and spend time vacationing in this natural WWF protected paradise. It provides an intimate beach away from the crowds. With a history of being frequent by the richest people in the world, it also boasts golf courses to be enjoyed and offers vast spaces that are perfectly preserved making it the perfect romantic getaway location.

Burano Island

Picturesque, colorful and full of life, this island is a must-see for couples who want to celebrate love! Immerse yourself in its uniquely colorful culture and enjoy its art. This idyllic location upon the Venetian lagoon will inspire your love for life! The houses are vibrantly colored and will make for amazing pictures and drawings It is said that during times when the fog would descend houses were unrecognizable, so the fishermen decided to color them in order to make them easier to identify. Burano is an island with a unique identity and its places will warm your heart. If you are an artist you will feel right at home on this island, during the 900 it attracted lots of painters and artists from all over Europe.

Make a stop at the Lace Museum known as Museo del Merletto in Italian where you can admire handmade embroideries. It is through these beautiful creations that Burano started to have a more prosperous economy thanks to the women of the island who dedicated themselves to this craft during 1500 in support of the fishermen.

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The epitome of romanticism, Venice is full of magical places to explore whether you are looking for romantic strolls, lively or reserved locations. To enjoy once in a lifetime experiences, make sure you take time to roam around and live its incredible beauty!

Rome Private Guides wishes you a Blissful visit to Venice!



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