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Discovering Lake Misurina, the pearl of Cadore

Discovering Lake Misurina, the pearl of Cadore
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Located in Cadore, at circa 1750 meters above sea level, Lake Misurina, also known as the “Pearl of the Dolomites”, is the biggest natural lake in Cadore, Veneto.
Surrounded by the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Sorapiss, the Cristallo and the Cadini, some of the most famous summits of the Dolomites, Lake Misurina feels like a little taste of Heaven on Earth!

It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations, mainly for excursionists who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and its particularly fresh air. Lake Misurina is, in fact, located in an area where, thanks to its microclimate and its balmy air, breathing problems like asthma and other respiratory conditions are more easily cured. Because of this, this location houses the only Italian center that is specifically oriented to the care of childhood asthma.

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History and legends surrounding Lake Misurina

Mount Cristal and Dolomites

Because of its natural beauty and magic, lake Misurina has been the protagonist of many legends throughout the centuries. Let’s explore one of them:

The Legend of Misurina

Daughter of king Sorapiss, Misurina, at the age of eight years old, found out that a fairy lived on the summit of Mount Cristallo. The fairy was the owner of a particular mirror that was capable of revealing the thoughts of the people it was facing.

Misurina wanted to get this mirror and continuously asked her dad, king Sorapiss, until he gave in and brought her to the fairy. The fairy didn’t want to donate her mirror so she tried to stop the King and his request by telling him that the only way Misurina could get the mirror was if he agreed to be turned into a mountain.

She never thought that they’d accept but king Sorapiss surprisingly did, just to make his daughter happy. So, whilst Misurina was receiving the mirror, king Sorapiss started to turn into a mountain but Misurina quickly got scared and fell into the void. While he witnessed impotently the death of his daughter, king Sorapsiss cried until he filled the whole valley with his tears, creating Lake Misurina.

Lake Misurina: the protagonista of “Un passo dal cielo”

Apart from being one of the most beautiful places to relax and explore nature, Lake Misurina has recently become the location of one of the most popular Italian tv fiction: “Un passo dal cielo”. Given the height at which Lake Misurina is, the series (whose title means “A step away from the sky”) couldn’t have found a better location!

The participation of this location, among its many other stunning spots like the Venetian Dolomites, Lake Antorno and Cortina D’Ampezzo, spiked the already quite popular frequentation of Lake Misurina during the Summer.

Lake Misurina truly is a spectacular place to spend some time in. Being surrounded by nature and its big woods, its colors and stunning landscapes will surely help you breathe and spend some time away from the frenzy of everyday life and give you a much-needed rest!

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Discovering Lake Misurina, the pearl of Cadore

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