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10 things to do with Kids in Rome

10 things to do with Kids in Rome
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1. Book a Family-Friendly Tour of Rome

Say goodbye to boring visits to the Colosseum and the Vatican: the whole family can enjoy a tour of the most important highlights of Rome! Just make sure you hire a kid-friendly guide and that you get pre-booked skip-the-line tickets, to avoid waiting in long queues. If you want to get an idea of how a family tour can engage the whole family and get the kid excited send us an email for a free quotation!

2. Go to the Zoo: Bioparco

The Bioparco, the zoo of Rome, is hosted inside the biggest park in the city, Villa Borghese. Here the kids can have fun discovering more than 200 species of animals, like mammals, reptiles, and birds. The zoo features labels with signposts indicating the best route around the paths and each animal has a sign (also in English) describing its name and characteristics, where the species can be found on the planet, now and in the past as well as the role of zoos like Bioparco have in preserving such creatures. When the kids are tired or hungry you can spend some time in the picnic and play areas, the gift shop and the restaurant hosted inside the park.

3. Take a Cooking Class or a Pizza making Class

One of the best things to do with kids in Rome is trying their amazing food! Why limiting yourself in eating pizza and icecream when you can actually learn how to cook them yourself? Contact us and we will help you book a fantastic experience: you can choose between spend 5 hours with a local Roman Chef enjoying a private lesson and eating a wonderful, traditional Italian meal created with your own hands, or a pizza making class, where a pizza-maker will give you instructions to help you making your own pizza!


4. Ride a bike or a boat in Villa Borghese

Once you’ve finished your visit of the Bioparco zoo go out and find the Rental Shop: here you can choose between many fun activities for kids, like surreys to pedal the whole family around on the lake or discover the huge park riding bikes, kid’s bikes, tandems, and pedal karts!

5. Be a Gladiator for a day

Every kid dreams about being a gladiator when he gets inside the colosseum! Well, now your little ones can actually get dressed as a gladiator and go with your instructor to the Ludus Magnus, the small stadium where Gladiators used to train. The teacher will let you learn several kinds of attacks and defense with wooden weapons, how many types of gladiators there were, how they used to live, dress and what kind of weapons they used. At the end of the training, they will receive a certificate of participation to the gladiator training!


6. Have fun at the Rainbow Magicland

With its 38 terrific attractions the Rainbow Magicland is the biggest amusement park of the capital an one of the funniest things to do with kids in Rome: you can easily reach it taking a coach from the main station (Termini), the journey will take around 20 minutes. The different attractions are divided in easy, medium and only for the braves! The park also organizes special events for Halloween and other special occasions.

7. Take a Dip

If you plan to come to Rome with the family during the summer you might want to find something to do to escape the heat! One of the best things to do is taking the line b of the Underground, getting off at Piramide station and taking the small train to Ostia, one of the most popular seasides of the capital, just half an hour from the city centre. If you want to plan something specifically designed to let kids have fun, you can also plan a visit to Hydromania: this water park is one of the biggest in the area, offering water slides, beach volley courts, water tunnels and even a real black hole, where you can dart at full speed on your raft along with a friend!

8. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

If you want to make sure you are coming back to Rome you have to go to the world-famous Trevi Fountain. All you have to do is standing with your back to the fountain and throw a coin over your left shoulder. If you think this is a silly thing to do, or a waste of money, just think that the city of Rome donates the coins dragged from Trevi Fountain to charity Caritas: 3,000 euros are collected from the Fountain every night!

9. Put your hand into the Mouth of Truth

Your little ones probably don’t have the faintest idea who Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck were, but they will surely get chills when they play the game of truth at “La bocca della verità” or “The mouth of truth”: this giant marble face can be visited outside the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The medieval legend associated with it says that the mouth of truth would close, if one put his hand inside and told a lie: it was a sort of ancient lie detector, especially for those accused of crimes! Bring your kids there and let them out their little hand inside the hole in the marble mouth while telling the truth… and see what happens! 

10. Visit Cinecittà World

Cinecitta, the world-famous Roman film studio considered the hub of Italian cinema, has opened an amusement park: Cinecittà World! They have Gladiator Shows, Wild West Shows, Light Shows, and musical entertainment. There are also different kinds of attractions  including water rides, rollercoasters, and swings that can be suitable to children of all ages. If you are hungry sit on one of the five different restaurants hosted inside the park. How to get there? It’s very easy: there is a shuttle service to and from the park every day departing from Termini station.

Have you found some interesting things to do with kids in Rome? We hope this list helped you plan your holiday… In case you need any help booking a tour or an activity we are here for you: drop us a line at, we’ll be happy to help you!

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