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Best romantic things to do in Venice

Best romantic things to do in Venice
About Venice


Venice is an elegant city, nestled between countless tiny islands that are part of its enchanting lagoon which is named among UNESCO World Heritage sites. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the dry land and dive into the peaceful atmosphere of the so called Queen of the Adriatic Sea with your better half.

Here are our most romantic things to do in Venice!


Go on a Gondola Ride for two

There is nothing better than a Gondola Ride with your partner to explore the medieval rustic canals to live a totally romantic experience.

In Venice, it is easy to find gondoliers: you will recognize them by the red and white or blue striped T-shirts and the straw hat they wear. Although Gondolas can take up to 6 people, you can decide to have your private one to maximize your special adventure.

One of the many benefits of Gondolas is that they can access even the smallest canals where others watercrafts can’t go. Indulge into the hidden picturesque gems of the Lagoon City and find your favourite lovers’ spot!


Sample local food with a canal view

Someone said food is the perfect match for love, so a sample of local specialties with a panoramic view is definitely unmissable. A Venetian aperitif made of tasty cicchetti, italian finger food very similar to the Spanish Tapas, is provided of a wide variety of ingredients: meat or fish, hot or cold, these delicious starters can be savoured with a glass of wine.

Join a Glass blowing demonstration in Murano

Venice's lovely islands are worth-seeing as much as the 6 districts of the main centre. Each of them is focused on a different tradition: the lively Burano is famous for hand-made crochet while Murano stands for vivid glass blowing. You don’t need much time to visit the 3 biggest islands: with a boat at disposal, a half day trip is enough to take in their charming beauty. Once in Murano, you will feel surrounded by the great variety of glass shops: most of the time no appointment is needed to watch a glass blowing demonstration, just wander with your partner through the alleys and choose the glass factory you like most.


Admire the Grand Canal at night

The beautiful Grand Canal is the biggest “road” in Venice. With 4 kilometers length and an S shape, it is surely at the top of the romantic places in Venice. Although it is a common path during the day time, at night the Grand Canal of Venice is lit up by a new halo of the lights reflecting in its waters.

Our tip is to admire its scenic views at night from a boat for a lovey-dovey experience. From Santa Lucia Station to St. Mark, glance at the fascinating palaces that belonged to the wealthy families of the Venice Republique and gaze at the most famous churches and museums.


Step into St. Mark Square at Sunset

Venice wouldn’t be the same without St. Mark Square and its iconic Basilica. Together with Doge Palace, which is located just a few steps away from there, usually it is included in Venice private tours since they are the most remarkable highlights.

There is nothing more romantic than sunsets and they are even more memorable in Venice. You can see the warm lights of the sun filtering through the gothic decorations of marble colonnades of Doge’s Palace and reflecting on the golden facade of St. Mark Basilica.


Are you dreaming of your romantic getaway with your lover? Contact us and our expert staff will arrange for you an unforgettable Venice private tour.

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