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The 6 best places to visit in Rome by night

About Rome


There is a reason if Rome is called the Eternal City. It does not just mean that it has existed for ages and for ages it will exist. It also means that life never stops down here. It is the city that never sleeps... Just like New York but in a kinda European version, with less skyscrapers and more ancient stuff. Hopefully, no copyright has been violated.

Rome has so much to offer, even when the lights start to turn off and the noises to quieten… Not completely, of course. We are talking about an Italian concept of quiet. There is always someone making noise in Rome. People speaking loud and gesticulating all the time. Welcome to Italy everyone.

Jokes aside, discovering Rome at night might be one of the greatest experiences of your entire life. Being so big and beautiful, not a year would be enough to discover it all. You shall not waste a single minute to discover it to the utmost. Why not taking advantage of the night, then? Just imagine all those places surrounded by the dark and brightened by nothing but a few lights and their own beauty. You get lost by walking around, it feels like dreaming.

We are about to list some of the best places to see in Rome by night. Whether you suffer from insomnia, you love the night or you just want to explore the city literally in a whole new light, you might appreciate the tips we are about to give you. Just keep reading.

The Colosseum and Via dei Fori Imperiali

  1. When lights go down, spotlights turn on all the way down the path from the Colosseum to the Imperial Fora. Using special effects make the atmosphere even more suggestive. Seriously, no figurative speeches. On the walls of several buildings here and there in the Forum, you will see holograms of how they used to look like in ancient times. It will really feel as time has turned back.

    Did you know that we offer a Colosseum Under the Moon Tour? Think about joining it, you could get the chance to make this unrepeatable experience with a licensed guide at your disposal. Surf our website and have a look. You will surely find it very interesting…                                                        

  2. The Janiculum

    Do you want to enjoy the best panorama in Rome? There is no place like the Janiculum then. Located into one of the most beautiful gardens in town, this place offers some of the best sights you will ever see in Rome and perhaps in the entire world. In the night-time, everything is even more beautiful. You might have a proper Italian dinner in one of the local restaurants around there and then enjoy a romantic walk towards the Janiculum to experience one the most romantic views ever. There is no need to be a couple to feel all this romanticism, of course. Falling in love with Rome is easy, and this is the only feeling you need. That will really be true love.

    Do not forget to bring a camera with you. Photoshop? Please. Here you will take the best photos ever.

    Castel Sant’Angelo

    The Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant’Angelo (the Castle of the Holy Angel, in English), is a towering cylindrical building very close to the Vatican. It is at the end of the long Sant’Angelo bridge, which gets illuminated by bright lights at night. Walking through this huge brick lane is simply magical, as you keep your eyes stuck on the castle from the distance and you feel the Tiber flowing right below you. The moonlight contributes to making it all even brighter through a stunning play of lights and shadows.

    Vatican City

    From Castel Sant’Angelo, you easily head to the Vatican. Actually, the road bringing you there is one of the most suggestive in the whole city to see at night. You will walk down Via della Conciliazione, a huge street taking you directly to the Basilica. Its white walls stand out against the night sky, as lights here and there bright it all up. The view is simply breathtaking, it needs no further explanation. You just have to be there.

    Of course, you will never find us unprepared. We offer a private tour of the Vatican at Night, bringing you inside the Basilica when it is inaccessible to the general public. You will feel more than VIPs. You will feel like the Pope. You shall really not miss it.

    Trevi Fountain

    This is not a fountain actually. This is an icon. You surely have heard of it at least once in your life. If not, no way. You probably just do not remember, but we are going to refresh your memory. No worries. Trevi Fountain the largest Baroque fountain and one of the most famous ones in the world, maybe the most famous ever. If you think of Rome, this is probably one of the first things that comes to your mind. So if you are in Rome, at least popping over there is simply a must. If you have to choose the best part of the day, do not even ask. It is at night. First of all, it is less crowded. If the lack of people has not convinced you already, there is still a lot more. The beams shining right from the water illuminate the whole fountain in an enchanted blue light. It feels almost like a fairy-tale to be there.

    Do not forget to throw a coin into the water. According to the tradition, it will bring you back to Rome at some point in your life. There is no need to be too generous, of course. Cents are perfect. Save your money for other important things… Like pasta or pizza, just for instance.

    Campo de' Fiori

    You might know this place for its food market. You are right. Anyway at twilight, stands close and vendors clear the square. The atmosphere turns upside down. In fact not only is it a gorgeous historical place, Campo de' Fiori is also perfect to hang out at night. If you did not have too much wine and you still feel like walking, near there you will see some gorgeous places in Rome. Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese, Trastevere are just a few minutes walking. They are completely different by night. Full of people and shining lights, you will see how lively those places are after the sunset. If you want to escape crowds, no problems anyway. There are lots of glimpses to watch The Great Beauty in silence… If you got the pun, thank you. Thank you so much.

We hope we have inspired you to discover Rome by night, somehow and maybe someday. These are just a few ideas of course, there is a lot more to do in Rome. Everywhere. At every time.

Nightlife is not just a common saying. It is a suggestion. Whether you live in Rome or you are here on vacation, you shall not surrender to your tiredness and live. There is always something to do in Rome. Just go out and do it, you want to regret it.

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