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New levels available: a reason more to visit Colosseum!

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The fourth and fifth level, in fact, had been restored during these last times and are now ready to be discovered.

With a maximum of 25 people per group, accompanied by a professional guide, tourists will be able to visit the highest zones of the monument – symbol of the entire city. 

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What are these areas?

The fourth and fifth levels were destined in the past to specific types of Romans: the poorer ones as Plebeians, who sat in the highest zone, and the middle-class people as merchants and artisans.

They used to see the shows from the higher levels, from which the visibility of the arena is reduced and not clear; while the lower areas of the Amphitheatrum were meant to be for wealthy crowds, who had the honour to see everything that happened in the arena from a privileged place.

In the third floor the richest part of the bourgeoisie had his sits, in the second there were the knights of the Roman Empire, while in the first and lowest one Senators enjoyed matches and fights on marble thrones with a perfect view!


An insight on the social classes in the Roman Era

Social classes at the time of Romans were hierarchical, but they were also multiple and overlapping.

During Kingdom and First Republic time, the main social division was between the wealthy ones, the Patricians, and the humble ones, the Plebeians. The Patricians were a small group of empowered people who generally inherited their status from ancestors, who gained it at the time of the first Senatus established by Romulus. Instead, the Plebeians were the most of the Roman population and lived in worse condition than the other ones.

However, from the Late Republic and onward even some members that belonged to the plebeian class were able to participate to the Senatus.

In addition, there were other sub-classes, six in total, divided on the base of the property. They were the Senatores, who had political powers and took the main decisions, supporting the Emperor. The other classes were Equites, with various sub-groups on the inside, and the Proletarii, who owned little or no property.

These were the main categories, and they are to be considered generally valid for men; while for women and the role they had in the society, it depended whether they were married or not, and which positions they had in a family. 

How can I visit new levels?

The re-opening of fourth and fifth levels had been attended by some of the most relevant authorities that deal with culture in the last few days.

New tours will be available to visitors starting from the 1st of November. It will be possible to access these areas going through the one and only gallery preserved as it was in the ancient times. You will have the incredible chance to admire this intermediate gallery and its stunning walls decorated with white and colourful frescos thanks to the ultimate restoration.

The specific tickets for these areas are apart from the simple and normal ticket access to the Colosseum and the booking is compulsory, so our advice is to stop wasting time and reserve them as soon as possible.


Why visiting new opened levels and Colosseum?

Colosseum is the real symbol of Rome and the ancient times. It’s a place full of stories, traditions and secrets to be disclosed, the best way to enjoy your holiday time in the eternal city.

The entire arena will take your breath away, both for its huge dimensions and its magnificence. Are you an imaginative person or will you be travelling with kids? Taking a long walk along the ancient ruins and guessing how every spot was in the past is an original way of learning about Roman history and being like a real citizen of the Empire.

Are you a couple? Or do you travel on your own? Anyway, you choose to come to Rome, this amazing place will touch you and give you unforgettable emotions, that’s why millions of people are eager to come and see it!

The previously available areas of the monument were the first levels and the underground dungeons that were added during the last years.

Visiting these lower areas can give visitors a full insight about gladiators’ life and fights, a real immersion in the Roman atmosphere.

From the last levels, instead, tourists can admire not only the entire constructions from a different and unusual point of view, but also they will have an extraordinary overview on the skyline of the Capital. Adding an extra tour to the normal one, will provide a complete and memorable experience.

What tours are available at Colosseum?

You have a very large amount of options, so you will be able to find the right one for you for sure!

The simplest tour is also one of the most loved by tourist and it consists of the basic visit to the monument and to its first and second levels.

Otherwise, you can choose to participate in a more characteristic one, sharing your experience with the people you already know or small group, as you prefer!

One of the most suggestive tours is the one that takes place under the moon, a very special opportunity to discover this amazing location with sparkling lights, if were you I wouldn’t miss this unique chance!

If you are travelling with your family, children included, don’t worry! At the Colosseum there are special tours with qualified guides, who are able to entertain and make the time enjoyable even for little visitors!

Would you like to add to the basic tour a more specific or different activity? Take a look at the Combo visits with the other “must-see” of the city, you will be definitely delighted! You can also choose to opt for a larger tour in the ancient Rome, with an overview on the Roman Foro or the Palatine Hill with its ageless ruins.

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