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Spend Easter in Rome: a guide to the most memorable celebrations

Spend Easter in Rome: a guide to the most memorable celebrations
About Rome


The Eternal City is typically associated with its deeply Catholic roots and it comes as no surprise that holidays like Christmas and Easter are quite a big deal in Italy.
As Easter, celebrated on the 9th of April of this year, gets closer, Rome fills up with colorful spring flowers and decorations, leading to one of the most beloved Holidays in Italy.

If you’re planning to spend Easter in Rome and are looking for ways to celebrate like an Italian, you’re in the right place! With our Private Vatican Tour, you can discover the beauty and treasures of the Vatican and take advantage of skip-the-line tickets.

Here’s a list of things that will make you feel like a local on Easter Week!

Catholic Holidays for Easter in Rome

As mentioned before, Easter in Italy is a very important holiday for Catholics. The celebrations leading up to this festivity actually start months earlier with the “Mercoledì delle ceneri” (22/02/2023).
This day marks the beginning of the 40 days of Lent, known in Italy as “quaresima”, when, according to religious beliefs, you should avoid the consumption of meat, sugar and wine. This day is followed by five weeks of Quaresima, leading up to the “Domenica delle Palme” (Palm Sunday). This festivity falls on the Sunday that precedes Easter and it commemorates Jesus Christ’s entry to Jerusalem. With this day, the Holy Week officially begins

 Let’s explore some of the most important days during this week:

  • Giovedì Santo (Maundy Thursday): this day is associated with the Last Supper;
  • Venerdì Santo (Good Friday): associated with the crucifixion of Jesus and his death;
  • Domenica di Pasqua (Easter Day): this day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ;

How Italians celebrate Easter in Rome

Throughout the Holy Week, the Eternal City is filled with many different religious events that you can attend.
For instance, on Good Friday you can attend the Via Crucis in the evening.
On Easter Sunday, the Pope celebrates the mass at the Vatican. If you wish to attend, keep in mind that since it’s one of the biggest events that the Church hosts throughout the year, you must book a ticket.

If you don’t want to immerse yourself in religious traditions and just want to visit the city of Rome, we suggest you check out the opening hours of tourist attractions like the Colosseum, Vatican Museums and the Pantheon since they may vary throughout the Holy Week. On Good Friday, for instance, because of the Via Crucis, the Colosseum usually closes at around lunchtime.
Easter Sunday is usually spent with family and friends, either at home or restaurants and, since they may be quite busy on this day, we suggest you book a table somewhere ahead.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday, also known in Italy as “Pasquetta”, happens on the Monday after Easter.
It’s usually a day to relax and enjoy some time in nature with friends and family, grilling or taking a picnic.

Traditional Italian Easter Food

Italian Easter food

Food is one of the most important elements of Italian culture and Easter traditional dishes are no exception Here’s a list of some things to try during your trip to Italy this Easter:

  • CASATIELLO NAPOLETANO: Naples’ traditional leavened savory bread;
  • CARCIOFI ALLA ROMANA: artichokes;
  • PASTIERA NAPOLETANA: Naples’ traditional cooked wheat tart;
  • COLOMBA PASQUALE: a traditional Easter leavened dessert.


So, we hope this guide of things to do during your trip to Italy this Easter has been helpful! If you want to fully experience the greatness of the city of Rome during this magical time, make sure to book a tour of Eternal City with us!

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Spend Easter in Rome: a guide to the most memorable celebrations

If you’re planning to spend Easter in Rome and are looking for ways to celebrate like an Italian, ...