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Rome’s street art scene: a guide to the city’s graffiti and murals

The city of Rome is filled with infinite beauty, thanks to its historical buildings, art and monuments. When visiting Rome, many people don’t expect to find modern street art but, the truth is that this city has even more to offer than it looks! Amazing graffiti made by sometimes unknown artists, color the walls and streets of the Eternal City, making it unique. Here’s a guide to Rome’s beautiful street art scene!


The first place that comes to mind when thinking of street art in Rome is definitely the San Lorenzo district. This famous neighborhood is historically known for being a victim of the bombs during World War II but nowadays it has become one of the most beloved districts in Rome by young students and adults. The lively vibe of the neighborhood reflects perfectly on its street art which has been gaining a lot of deserved attention lately. One of the most beautiful murals that you can find in San Lorenzo is one depicting basketball players, made by Francesco Persichella and many works made by Alicé Pasquini.



Pigneto used to be an industrial district but it has recently become more and more populated with young students and nightlife. This neighborhood is, in fact, the perfect place to hang out with friends and get an aperitivo or go see a live music or comedy show. This district is also popular for its street art and it’s filled with works made by Hogre, Alt97, #cancelletto#, Hopnn and many more. These murals are usually made with stencils.



The Ostiense district is also very popular for its street art, counting over 30 pieces on its walls. Walking through the streets of this neighborhood you will be immersed in beautiful art and you will also have the chance to see the Hunting Pollution, a mural made by Iena Cruz (Federico Massa). This mural is Europe’s biggest eco-mural as it was made with sustainable paint.

Another amazing work of art that you will be able to find in the Ostiense district is the Jumping Wolf, made by Roa. It’s located on Via Galvani and it depicts a large wolf climbing the building.



The Quadraro district has become popular over the last few years when the MURO Museum opened. This open-air museum focuses completely on street art, making your walk through this neighborhood unforgettable. Some of the most beautiful works that you can find in this place are:


  • NIDO DI VESPE, made by Lucamaleonte;
  • A monster guarding a tunnel made by Gio Pistone;
  • TEMPER TOT/BABY HULK, made by Ron English;



If you enjoy street art, Rome is definitely one of the best places to go see some. Even though it may not seem like it, the Eternal City is filled with great surprises, such as this one, that will leave you stunned. If you want to find out more about the city of Rome and Italy in general, check out our other blogs and book a Rome private tour with us!

1st Aug 2023