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A guide to the best gelato in Rome, Florence and Barcelona

A guide to the best gelato in Rome, Florence and Barcelona
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Gelato is considered to be the most ancient frozen dessert in the whole world. Its origins are not documented but it was probably created in Italy after Asians discovered that they could pair crushed ice with delicious flavors in the 30th century BC. During the Renaissance, Italians adopted this recipe and changed it, creating the gelato we know and love today! 

The first gelato was sold publicly in 1686 in Café Le Procope in Paris.



If you’re in Rome and are looking for places to get the best gelato, here’s a list of some of our favorite gelaterias:


  • GELATERIA CIAMPINI: located in Rome’s city center, Ciampini is one of the best places where you can get gelato in Rome. We highly suggest you try their creamy fruit flavors;
  • GÜNTHER GELATO ITALIANO: this gelateria first opened in 2012 in Rome and now has three locations. The best part about Günther’s gelato is that all of the ingredients are carefully selected and in season, making it a very high-quality gelato;
  • FIOCCO DI NEVE: located near the Pantheon, Fiocco di Neve is one of your best bets if you’re looking for great gelato in Rome. We recommend trying their tiramisu flavor;



If you’re looking for some great gelato in Florence, your quest definitely won’t be too hard. Here’s a list of the gelaterias we recommend:


  • GELATERIA LA CARRAIA: located in Piazza Sauro Nazario, this gelateria is high quality and pretty cheap. You can get a baby cone with one flavor for just 1€;
  • GROM: this gelateria is originally located in Torino but, throughout the years, it managed to open many different locations all over the world, including one in Florence. Its gelato is particularly good because it’s made with very few ingredients;
  • CANTINA DEL GELATO: located in Via dei Bardi and Borgo La Croce, this is a fairly new gelateria but it’s quickly making its way through Florentine’s hearts. Its gelato is made with natural ingredients and it’s served in many different and interesting flavors. If you’re old enough, we suggest you try the whiskey one;



If you’re in Barcelona instead, here’s a list of the best gelaterias you can find in this beautiful city:


  • DELACREM: this gelateria is owned by an Italian who makes his gelato according to Italian tradition. Its gelato is made with natural ingredients only;
  • SIRVENT: located on Carrer Parlament, Sirvent is one of the best gelaterias in Barcelona. If your partner doesn’t enjoy gelato as much, here they can also get turron or a horchata;
  • PARALLELO: located near Casa Batllo, Parallelo is one of the best places to get some unique flavors of gelato. We highly suggest you try the artichoke if it’s in season;



Finding great gelato in Rome, Florence or Barcelona is definitely not hard. Make sure you avoid touristy places as much as you can but, as long as you stick to our guide you should be fine! If you want to get to know more about these beautiful cities, check out our other blogs!

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