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Discover Colorful Burano

Discover Colorful Burano
About Venice


This delightful island is known for being one of the most picturesque and colorful in the world so make sure you bring your camera along as there is so much to immortalize.

Sheltered from mass tourism, this small Venetian island is worth experiencing once you reach Venice, as it offers a colorful,  joyful atmosphere crowned by uniqueness and tradition. 

Experience the Vividness of Burano Homes

Burano is a colorful rainbow of beauty as its homes are all painted in pastel colors, this dates back to the times when fishermen would navigate through thick fog and therefore needed to recognize their Venetian homes. Nowadays, the tradition is still respected with great care as any modifications to the colors of a Burano house must be made known to the officials for approval. Over time, these charming homes have become iconic all over the world thanks to photography. 

Stroll along Calle Galuppi 

Lined with charmingly colorful shops that sell Burano lace as well as bakeries and stores where you can taste the traditional delicacies, Calle Galuppi is the Main Street of Burano and the perfect place to blend in like a local. The colorful atmosphere extends not only to the buildings but to the upbeat locals who meet here to share life and enjoy the day. If Burano lace is what you are looking for, keep in mind that the authentic lace is quite costly but it is also unmatchable in quality and beauty, Calle Galuppi is full of shops that sell it. 

Explore the history of Burano Lace 

A visit The Museo del Merletto (Burano Lace Museum) will allow you to travel back in time and understand how this craft developed so beautifully in this area. In an attempt to fight poverty of Burano fishermen, their wives turned to lacemaking to help the economy of the area. The result was incredibly beautiful and time-consuming lace which began being exported throughout Europe. Leonardo da Vinci famously visited Burano to select cloth for the altar of the Duomo of Milano. Over time, Burano lace became a status symbol for Europe’s aristocracy. Today, Burano authentic lace is still incredibly beautiful and costly although the craft has lost its appeal in the modern world. 

Experience Burano’s Authentic Cuisine 

Burano is not only one of the most picturesque locations in the world, but it is also the perfect place to enjoy heavenly fish dishes, to experience it’s typical dish ask for a "risotto de gò". To satisfy your sweet tooth, try buranelli also known as bussolà of Burano, this local cookie originated during the times when fishermen of Burano used to travel to fish far away from home. Their wives created this cookie to ensure they would enjoy high energy despite lack of access to high nutrition foods while at sea.

Visit the Church of St. Martin and admire its Leaning Tower

Burano’s 16th-century leaning tower is attributed to Andrea Tirali, originally a bronze angel used to be featured at the top but it has since been replaced by a cross after being damaged by a hurricane in 1867. Inside the St. Martin Church, you can admire the "Crucifixion" masterpiece by Giambattista Tiepolo as well as tapestries by Francesco Fontebasso. Just outside the church, you will find the Chapel of Santa Barbara which is also charming to visit.  

Admire Bepi’s House

The most colorful home of Burano is called the house of Bepi Suà. Giuseppe Toselli, it’s owner, was originally an employee of the Cinema Favin where he handled maintenance. Once the cinema closed down he turned to sell candy in Galuppi Square and this is the reason his whimsical home is also known as the house of Bepi of Candies. Those who were children during the eighties warmly remember Bepi and the outdoor cinema he improvised using a white sheet on the walls of his colorful house. Besides being passionate about movies, Bepi also loved painting and his house is a reflection of his personality. 

Enjoy a Murano Lume Glass demonstration

The New Arte Fuga Laboratory in Via Giudecca 132 offers you the opportunity to experience a Murano demonstration as well as purchase authentic Murano glass items such as glass sculptures, watches, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, vases, chandeliers as well as much more made from Murano glass. This type of glass is renowned worldwide due to its crystalline purity and vivid colors and the traditions dates back to centuries ago. Best of all, no item is exactly the same and so by purchasing Murano items you are acquiring something unique, traditional as well as high-quality. 

Cross the Three Bridges (Tre Ponti)

This charming wooden bridge connects three of the most iconic streets of Burano where you will find the most colorful houses as well as charming shops and restaurants to enjoy. Tre Ponti is also the perfect location for photographers, influencers and lovers of beauty to enrich their image portfolio. It is, in fact, the most popular locations for photography in Burano as well as one of its most romantic places. Bring your camera or phone along and strike a pose in this inspiring setting! If you are feeling daring, feel free to share the pictures with us and we will post them on our social media accounts to share your experience with others.

Enjoy the Sunset over Burano

The most celebrated place in Burano is the Pescarìa Vecia as it is the place to experience the sunset over the Venetian Lagoon. It is considered the most Romantic location of the Venetian island and it is a must-see experience that will leave you with lifetime memories and breathtaking images. 

Burano’s joyful atmosphere is bound to charm you so it is well worth looking into to for a whimsical, unique cultural experience. Feel free to share your thoughts and memories with us. 


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