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4 Best Day trips from Rome for outdoor lovers

4 Best Day trips from Rome for outdoor lovers

We all already know plenty of the beauties and wonders of Rome. Now it’s time to discover more worth-seeing places in Rome surroundings for an outdoor day trip.

Lazio is an amazing region and it can be fun to go on a day trips as true locals do!

Indeed, these are only some of the possible outdoor excursions near Rome, but they are definitely the most fascinating ones.


Ninfa Garden

Located in the southern part of the region, Ninfa Garden is only 1 hour driving from Rome. Its name comes from the italian word “ninfa”, which means female nature deity, and this is no wonder why this enchanted Garden and the old town itself are dedicated to them. 

It is an English landscape Garden built during XX century among the ruins of the medieval town that bears the same name. Thousands of colourful flowers, exotic plants, creeks and lakes are carefully preserved here, so that discovering this unique Garden looks like living a fairytale. No wonder why Ninfa Garden has been named by New York Times one of the most romantic and lovely in the world.

When is the best time to visit Ninfa Garden? Ninfa Garden is open only during Spring, Summer and early autumn, and the best times to arrange your visit are certainly during May, June and September.



Ancient Ostia

Ostia, which in old latin means river’s mouth, was located along Tiber river, at less than one hour driving from Rome city center. Founded by Anco Marzio, one of the 7 roman kings, it developed even more during the Empire era, becoming the central harbor of the Empire with undoubted commercial and cultural relevance.

Nowadays Ancient Ostia is one of the biggest archeological sites in Italy, so it is recommended for everyone interested in history and willing to discover more about roman past. Indeed, the town arrangements resembles any other roman city, so the town is divided in two by the Decumano which was the huge street that connected one of the main gates with the harbor. From the Decumano you can reach all the other parallel and crossing roads that leads to the main buildings such as the thermal baths adorned with stunning well-preserved mosaics, a breathtaking theatre and many of the roman Domus.

--> Discover our Ancient Ostia Day Trip from Rome


Gardens of Bomarzo

The so-called Park of monsters is a monumental complex filled with many large sculptures belonging to the world of imagination. Located in the northern area of Lazio region, these Gardens are at the bottom of the valley, beneath the Orsini Castle in Bomarzo town.

During the XVI century, the park was commissioned by Pier Francesco Orsini to Pirro Ligorio, an italian renaissance artist. These gardens are dedicated to Giulia Farnese, Orsini’s wife, and were built to help him overcome the grief of her loss.

The style of the Park resembles the mannerist style, whose main aim is to surprise the visitor. The grotesque statues and buildings are full of hidden meanings, symbols and mysteries yet to be solved. At the Gardens of Bomarzo, nature and statues seems to mix one another, creating a one of a kind magical atmosphere.

The most remarkable statue is one representing an Orcus with a huge stone and tuff face, and a wide open mouth that seems to be shouting. Through some stairs, it is possible to enter its mouth. Once inside, the voices of everyone’s entering are twisted due to the special shape of the interior.


Roman Castles

The so-called Roman Castles are a group of towns located on the top of the hills in the eastern area of Rome, along the shores of volcanic lake of Albano and its surroundings. Roman Castles are one of the most loved locations by locals for a day trip in short distance. Their name comes from the original purpose they had: during XIV century many of the wealthy families of Rome escaped here to avoid political and economical problems. 

Among the numerous towns, Ariccia, Castel Gandolfo, Marino and Nemi are for sure one of the most stunning to see. 

Ariccia is well known for its culinary and wine traditions: in fact their inhabitants claim to be the creators of the delicious porchetta, a savory pork roast, often eaten as a snack in a  sandwich.

In Castel Gandolfo, you cannot miss the stunning panoramic views of the light blue lake and the sinuous surrounding hills from the city center. Besides, there are centuries of history to be discovered here: in fact the Pope established his summer residence in this lovely charming town, adorning it with Art and Beauty in Baroque style.


If you come to Rome, do not miss the opportunity of visiting Lazio countryside, it is full of outdoor less-known wonders to reach in short time!

Allow yourself to feel like a local and discover nature, art and history in an unconventional day trip.

1st Jun 2020