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The Art Of Living In Florence

Travel in Italy


Considered to be one of the most stunning cities in Italy, Florence truly has a lot to offer with its magnificent Renaissance art, monuments and buildings like the Santa Maria del Fiore Church, Palazzo Vecchio and much more. With all of the beauty surrounding it, it’s hard not to dream about moving to Florence whenever you read something about it or watch a video online and, truth is, where else would you want to live if not in this amazing city?


Today we will go over the beauty of living in Florence and explore some of its hidden gems like its gardens and historic cafes!



Filled with historical monuments in many styles, such as the Roman and Gothic most of them belonging to the Renaissance period, the city of Florence is a UNESCO World Heritage site where over 400,000 people live and that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world each year. Living in this city offers the chance to live in what feels like an open-air Museum where you will be able to find beautiful gardens but also great restaurants and cafes where you will be able to have a taste of this city. Let’s go over some of Florence’s hidden gems:



Florence is quite popular for its stunning gardens which are perfect to spend a day surrounded by not only nature but beautiful monuments and fountains, creating the perfect balance. Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful gardens in the city of Florence and why you should visit them:


  • THE BOBOLI GARDENS: Considered to be the most popular gardens in the city of Florence, the Boboli Gardens are a part of the Uffizi Galleries circuit (which you can easily visit by booking an Express Tour here)and are located near Pitti Palace. This park offers a breathtaking view of the city of Florence and it’s also filled with ancient fountains and Renaissance statues;
  • PARCO DELLE CASCINE: Parco delle Cascine is the biggest public park in Florence and it’s the perfect place to spend a day out in nature and have a picnic with friends and family. There’s also a path in its woods where you will be able to see monuments such as the Fontana delle Boccacce, the Fontana del Narciso, the Pavoniere and much more along the way;
  • GIARDINO DELLE ROSE: One of the most romantic places in the city of Florence, Giardino delle Rose is a garden where you will be able to see over 300 different types and species of roses. It’s the perfect place to visit with your significant other and it offers an amazing view of the sun setting over Florence;
  • GIARDINO BARDINI: Located in the heart of Florence, Giardino Bardini offers an amazing view of the city’s center and great architectural pieces. We suggest you visit Giardino Bardini during the spring where the wisteria flowers are blossoming, creating a magical atmosphere.



As previously mentioned, the city of Florence is also quite appreciated for its historical cafes where you will be able to gather with your friends in front of a cup of coffee or even meet new people. Here’s a list of the most popular historical cafes in the city:


  • CAFFÈ BIANCHI: Caffè Bianchi has been open since 1920 but, back in the day, it only used to be a tobacco shop. It wasn’t until 1929 when Bruno Bianchi (the son of the original owner) chose to move the shop to a bigger place and started serving coffee and pastries as well. Caffè Bianchi is quite popular for its ancient style and great coffee;
  • LE GIUBBE ROSSE: Created in 1897 and considered to be one of the most popular ancient literary cafès in Florence, le Giubbe Rosse was created by two German brothers and its style was heavily influenced by the Viennese fashion;
  • RIVOIRE: Created in 1872 by Enrico Rivoire to house a chocolate factory, Rivoire is nowadays a cafe located near Palazzo Vecchio. It’s quite popular for its cups of hot chocolate, which we highly suggest you try!
  • CONCERTO PASZKOWSKI: Concerto Paszkowski was founded in 1846 and, back in the day, it used to serve beer. During the XX century, it became a very important gathering spot for artists all over the world and, because of this, it gradually started serving coffee.



You will not be surprised to learn that the city of Florence is quite safe to live in and that there are no particularly dangerous areas to be in. Keep in mind that you should always pay attention to your surroundings and belongings even though the city seems pretty safe though!



Living in Florence surely makes for a fascinating and aesthetic life that almost feels out of a movie! If you want to see for yourself, book a private tour of the highlights of Florence here and check out our other blogs to learn something more about this city!

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