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Best of the Vatican Tour for kids

Visit the Vatican highlights with this family-orientated, skip the line private tour. Your dedicated ...

Early Entrance Vatican Tour for Kids

Make your Vatican Tour even more interesting for your kids and choose our Early Vatican Tour for ...

Vatican Treasure Hunt for Kids

Are you looking for a really interactive private tour of the Vatican, to make sure your kids are ...

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Visiting the Vatican with kids can seem like a very daunting task for many! The Vatican Museums stretch over endless galleries and, whilst incredibly beautiful, the Sistine Chapel is notoriously complex even for the most qualified art historian. Rome Private Guides fully licensed private child-friendly guides know exactly how to present the Sistine Chapel for kids.

RPG’s kids tours of the Vatican are designed with your children in mind. Our Vatican tours for kids follow a special itinerary, which is guaranteed to cover the parts of the Vatican Museums which will be of most interest to them. They will be wowed by Nero’s huge bath tub and love seeing the Egyptian Museum with real mummies! You will be assigned a child-friendly private guide to really tailor the tour towards your kids interests. All of our child-friendly guides have many tricks and secrets to make sure you Vatican tour for kids is as engaging as possible for the whole family. Using devices such as the iPad, little games and scavenger hunts and speaking in a language your kids will understand, visiting the Vatican with children won’t feel like a chore.

Visiting the Sistine Chapel is a dream come true for many people. Of course you want your kids to fully appreciate the importance and beauty of what they are seeing. But is the Sistine Chapel for kids? RPG thinks so! Your guide will recount fun stories about Michelangelo and the allegories behind his main work, to make the Sistine Chapel relatable for kids.

You might avoid taking your children around churches, let alone one of the world’s largest Basilicas. With RPG’s Vatican tours for kids your children will instead be excited to visit St Peter’s Basilica. Our child-friendly guides will allow them to take in the awesome architecture and also notice the funny little peculiarities you would never see without a child-friendly guide who knows the Vatican like the back of their hand.
RPG’s child-friendly Vatican tours come in many forms, so you’re bound to find the one which is right for you. If your family are early birds, opt for early entrance to the Vatican Museums before they open to the general public. Or for a fully-engaging Vatican tour for kids choose our scavenger hunt tour. If you’re looking for kids tours of the Vatican, look no further than RPG.

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