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Rome Kids Tours

Happy kids makes happy parents! Choose Rome Private Guides' child-friendly guides and let the children learn whilst having fun: our skip the line tickets will save you time in line and our guides will use their experience and 3D visual aids to show history and art to the kids in a way they will understand. Looking for something different? Tour Rome on board of our golf carts: you will save time and energy and have loads of fun!

Things to do

RPG’s top-rated child-friendly guides in Rome and our booking staff will design the perfect tour in Rome for your family. We have a wide range of Rome kids tours designed specifically for the little ones in your family to help ensure all the family have an unforgettable time in the Eternal city. Please note that our tours for kids in Rome are designed specifically for children ages 6 and over, when they can read and write. However our child-friendly guides in Rome also do their utmost to engage younger children.

Our child-friendly guides in Rome will use iPads or other visual aids to explain to your kids facts and anecdotes about the rich history and art of the Eternal City. With years of experience working with kids, your guide will be able to engage all the members of the family. Your private guide’s infectious enthusiasm for the monuments they visit will leave your kids hooked from start to finish. The aim of our Rome Kids tours is to learn whilst having fun!

Our guides will bring you inside the Colosseum and the archaeological area of the Roman Forum, where your kids will be enthralled by stories of gladiators, lions and emperors. We have a range of different kids tours to visit the wonderful Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica and also the undergrounds of Rome, such as the Crypt of the Bones,St Clemente’s Basilica and the Catacombs.

For active families walking tours in the center of Rome are a great way for the whole family to admire the best squares and fountains- your kids will be left speechless by the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps! If you want to make sure your little ones don’t get tired during your Rome kids tour we can provide a private English-speaking driver to accompany you during your adventures or, if you prefer, you can jump on board a golf cart and explore the city center with your child-friendly guide in Rome! For something a little different you can choose a kid-orientated guided tour of the treasures inside the Borghese Gallery and even a fun tour of the Market of Campo de’ Fiori, with tastings of the best Italian products and food.

At RPG we understand how important it is for parents that their kids not only enjoy their visit to Rome but also learn about it’s immense history and the amazing monuments you will all visit. Choosing our diverse and fresh range of tours for kids in Rome, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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