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Travelling along Amalfi coast and Pompeii from Rome

Travel in Italy


Rome is a beautiful city and it is really located in the heart of Italy. From Rome, you can reach amazing places in a very short time travelling toward north or south. Today our journey will take us to the south of Rome, and for those who are staying in Rome we suggest a day trip Pompeii and Amalfi tour from Rome with a private driver. You will be in less than two hours in Pompeii, one of the most beautiful roman sites in the world. Roman history will be brought back to life and kids and parents or friends and couples can really touch history!

Pompeii in the ancient Roman times was a well-organized city. It was a tourist destination for the upper-class Romans and a commercial place, in fact, Pompeii used to produce oil and different kinds of wines and export them along the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the last eruption of the Vesuvius volcano destroyed the city in the 79A.D. but today after many centuries you can visit the original houses covered with beautiful roman paintings, walk to the Amphitheater, visit the Roman baths, the Roman Forum and the red-light district.


Ruins of Pompeii


Coming to Rome can be a great opportunity to visit Pompeii but not only it, you definitely must see the Amalfi coast with its panoramic roads and take a chance to stop at the charming Positano, the village was the place where many movies where shoot years ago. Positano used to be a fishing village until the jet set people fell in love with it and it became a popular destination for the upper-class people. The village is characterized by white houses along narrow alleys, some of them overlooking the sea.  The legend of Positano recounts that he was born thanks to Poseidon, the God of the seas, who founded it as a gift for the nymph Pasitea. Positano has a beautiful beach called the “Spiaggia Grande”. You can also rent a beach lounger and an umbrella and relax by the sea: it could be a good chance to plunge into the crystal water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Positano is also a fabulous shopping place, nowadays the Positano beach fashion is very well known. During your shopping time, you will see many local stores producing linen clothing adorned with “macramé lace”. Positano is also the place to buy the “Positano shoes”, these are leather shoes with lace stripes and glittering gems.

Positano is also the place where to eat well: there are many local restaurants and pastries shops where you can taste the typical “the Neapolitan Pastiera and the Sfogliatella”. If you are at the Spiaggia Grande you can definitely make a reservation at the restaurant “Le Tre Sorelle ” where you will enjoy flavours and delicious tastes of local dishes or the traditional Neapolitan Pizza cooked in wood oven.   

The village of Vietri is part of the Amalfi Coast too: it is famous for the production of handmade and hand-painted Ceramics. The production of the ceramics of Vietri was a family tradition from the 1600s and today they are worldwide known. Vietri is a charming town over the sea but you can find the handy decorated ceramic of Vietri in the local shops of Positano too.

Our journey this time took us to Pompeii and to Amalfi Coast but our next blog by Rome Private Guides will take you to the Northern section of Italy.

Rome is a spectacular city but definitely, when you plan a holiday there it is better to maximize your stay and take advantage of the surrounding places that you can see in just one day like the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.

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