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Do you know what Jota is? For the people of Trieste, the Jota tradition is a real pride. To the point that they say that the last modification to the recipe was made 500 years ago, after the discovery of America which also brought potatoes to Europe. It seems, in fact, that already in the time of Charlemagne, the Trieste inhabitants of the time had experimented with some preparations based on cabbage cut into strips and fermented in brine.

The history of the Jota

The etymology of the name is interesting. According to some studies, the "jota" derives from the Latin jutta which means soup and, in turn, originates from a Celtic root. In fact, without moving too far, even in Emilia, above all, in the provinces of Parma, Reggio and Modena, dzota is used to mean broth.

From this incredible dish, a culinary manifestation derives: the Jotamata festival is a real tribute to this tradition.


The Jotamata Festival

You will find it classic or reinterpreted, in the best restaurants and buffets in the city. If you are lucky you will also find the bora, so you will understand why the jota could only be born in Trieste.

You will receive a free booklet dedicated to Jota with the traditional recipe encoded by the Italian Academy of Cuisine - Delegation of Trieste containing anecdotes related to the Bora and the classic recipe of Jota.

Jotamata is a real strategic point for increasing tourism, drawing the attention of Slovenia, Austria and beyond.

All the participating restaurants display some stickers that will reproduce the Jotimisti claim, to immediately identify the adhesion to Jotamata. The two weekends touched by the event make the historic restaurants and bars particularly protagonists with a tasting-aperitif based on jota: between 11.00 am and 12.00 pm people are invited to the jota-time to warm up with a tasting of the famous soup, accompanying it with some tasty drink or a few glasses of good wine.

But don’t forget about the musical aperitif at the Storico Caffè San Marco and the "jota-time" at the Caffè degli Specchi in Piazza Unità.

There are also Jota-tours, free tours for visitors to the city, to discover the world that will start from Piazza Unità and end with a taste of jota in the historic cafes.

Jotamata will involve the main clubs of the city center and groups everyone, from the largest to the youngest.

Discover the Italian flavors with us!


4th Feb 2021