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Scaligero Castle: one of the most well-preserved castles in Italy

Located in the lovely Lake’s area of Northern Italy, Scaligero Castle is a charming location not to miss along your itinerary between Verona and Milan. This ancient Castle in fact benefits from a special position above the stunning Lake Garda, the biggest of Italian lakes.

Sirmione, the historical town that hosts this beautiful building, is located on the southern bank of the lake on a tiny peninsula. It is mostly renowned for its thermal baths and its ancient history.

Being only two hours driving from Venice, it is the perfect destination for a Day Trip from Venice or Verona for anyone looking for a peaceful atmosphere and impressive views, off the beaten paths.

Which are the highlights of a visit at Scaligero Castle? Which secrets are hidden in its old legends?

Let’s discover them below.


Scaligero Castle: one of the best preserved in Italy

The enchanted Scaligero Castle takes the name from Scaligers family, who ruled Verona and its surroundings for about 125 years, between the 13th and 14th century. It was built right at the entrance of the old town of Sirmione both to constantly protect the area from enemies and to ensure the port operations.

It was Leonardo della Scala, nicknamed Mastino della Scala, who ordered the building of one the best preserved Castles in Italy. The new Castle was built over the ruins of an ancient roman fortification. It had a beautiful courtyard, three corner towers and a bigger fortified one 47 meters high that was used as the ultimate defense and as a prison for the convicts.

Many centuries ago, visitors gained access to Scaligero Castle only through two wooden drawbridges. Unfortunately, they are not in use anymore since it is possible to access from the village of Sirmione itself.

Later, the construction was improved at the beginning of XV Century, when the land was under control of Venice Republique. The Dock, which is one of the highlights, belongs to this period.

It can be admired at its best from above while walking through the upper round path which offers unforgettable views.


The Legend of Ebengardo and Arice

A local legend recounts that many centuries ago a man named Ebengardo was living there with its beloved woman Arice. They were living happily until a tragic event changed their lives forever. On a stormy night, a venetian knight called Elalberto asked them to spend the night in their Castle.

They were kind and decided to host him. However, he was so amazed by the breathtaking beauty of Arice, that he suddenly joined her in her room. Being so scared, she shouted out loud and eventually the knight stabbed her. Ebengardo, who heard the voice of her lover, ran into her room but it was too late to save her and he killed Elalberto.

The legend says that on stormy nights, you can still see Ebengardo’s soul searching for Arice.


How to visit Scaligero Castle

The best way to reach Scaligero Castle is by car on the highway, either you are traveling from Venice, Milan or Verona, which is only 1 hour by car from there. If you are already in Verona, you can decide to take a bus which will take you just a few steps away from the Castle.

It is necessary to reserve your tickets in advance to get access to it. The cost is 6 euros per person.

Scaligero Castle is open from Monday to Sunday.

While it is recommended only half a day to visit the castle, you explore the picturesque towns along the lake on the rest of the day.

Are you dreaming of your next italian holiday? Don’t miss the chance to experience a Verona Day Trip from Venice with a stop at Scaligero Castle!


24th Jun 2021