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New Year's Eve in Ferrara: Discover the amazing Fireworks at Estense Castle

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The traditional Fireworks has been considered a popular event for decades as it is awaited both by adults and kids who love watching a myriad of sparkling lights and glowing fire cascades colouring the midnight sky of their amazing city. Not only that, they match with the cheerful atmosphere made of engaging songs and wishes for the upcoming year.

Fortunately, this time the exclusive show is taking place as always, bringing the festive mood to all our houses with live-streaming entertainment until late night.

Keep on reading below to know more about the stunning fireworks and the Estense Castle.


A mind-blowing lights experience

The traditional pyrotechnic show will be set up by the elegant Estense Castle. Although this time we won’t be nose up admiring the sky due to safety and health prevention measures, we will still have the chance to join the exciting event from all over the world thanks to the live performances online and on the main TV channels like BBC and CNN. Locals are so attached to this unique show that they worked hard to bring the beauty of Ferrara and its Castle to everyone, as Ferrara mayor said.

This year the Fireworks show is themed on italian iconic movies. The soundtrack pays tribute to the great movie director Federico Fellini, who was born 100 years ago and nominated for several awards. It includes music by Ennio Morricone, Andrea Bocelli and many more.

What can you expect from this dazzling show? Fireworks of all kinds, colors and shape will be launched from the moat of the Castle while the upper sides of the building, towers and balconies, will be surrounded by fire.


Estense Castle: the real symbol of Ferrara


The amazing New Year’s Eve show in Ferrara won’t be the same without its amazing location: the Estense Castle. This medieval building is made of a large block with four corners towers.

The construction of the Castle began in 1385, exactly on September 29th which is the day of St. Michael, the protector of Christian faith: for this reason it is named St.Michael’s Castle too.

The building of Estense Castle started by the order of Marquis Niccolò II d’Este, who needed to guarantee safety to his family members and protect them from riots. Ferrarese inhabitants in fact were driven to hunger and desperation by taxes and there was no way to calm down the revolt.

The Marquis Niccolò II opted for a pre-existing tower to be the setting of his fortress. It was called Lion’s tower and it was part of the defensive walls of the city. Curtain walls were soon added to the Tower to ensure a safe aerial passage from the old Este residence to the brand new one.

Later in the centuries, the defensive purpose of the Castle was not needed anymore as Ferrara grew fast and the city walls were moved. Then, its interiors and apartments had been finely designed to be a true delight for Este Family.

One of the most lovely areas of the Castle is surely the Gothic Rooms on the ground floor, a series of four fascinating living rooms with a cross-vaulted ceiling. The first room is probably the most notable one, decorated with refined flowers motifs and a portrait of Niccolò II, to whom it was dedicated.

Another worth-seeing area is definitely the Ducal Chapel, located on the first floor. This is a small elegant room adorned with geometric lines and polychrome marbles, meant to be a place of private prayers.

Have you ever been in Ferrara to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Share your experience with us!

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