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Why shall I go on a cruise?

Travel in Italy


The right question should be why shall I not go on a cruise? Anyway, we want to motivate the skeptics to take the opportunity to make an unforgettable trip. If you were still uncertain about it, today all your doubts will be erased.

Let’s began from the start, trying to solve a few preliminary questions everyone might have before leaving.

Where do I go?

One of the best things about a cruise is that you do not really have to choose where to go. You can just go wherever you want without wasting any time. In a limited amount of time, you will be able to stop and discover all of your favourite destinations, thus maximizing your time to the utmost.

If you still do not know where to go, Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth… But maybe you knew that already. And maybe there are some little bias for us saying that, but just very little. Once you have been there, you will agree with us.

Shall I go alone or with somebody else?

Actually, a cruise is perfect for any kind of traveller. Whether you are a family, a couple, a group of friends, a couple of friends, a group of families or any crazy combination that might come to your mind, the cruise is absolutely suitable for you.

If you just want to chill out on your own, you will find lots of fantastic activities on board. Wellness centers, restaurants, pools are everywhere to relax in complete peace and loneliness. Other cruisers will only be a frame to your trip. If you do not want to meet anyone, just skip them. Who cares about other people, when you can spend your time with the best fellow traveller in the world, yourself?

On the other hand, if you long for a little more friendly trip than this, a cruise is a great choice anyway. There are so many activities to do; not only will you have a great time with your friends or your family, but arguably you will meet lots of people to share this fantastic experience with.

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Which kind of agency shall I choose to arrange my cruise?

The easiest thing to do is surfing the net maybe. There are lots of websites offering this kind of services. The most important thing to do is paying attention to their rates. Sometimes commissions can be a little expensive and trusting someone else may become inconvenient. Maybe the best thing to do is do everything by yourself… If you feel strong enough, of course. Arranging a trip can be stressful sometimes. You need to take your time and to be brave, especially if you are travelling with a huge group or with kids. Organizing trips with kids can be a real challenge.

Whether you choose a travel agency or you want to do it on your own, do not be afraid. Once everything is set, you just have to get on board and someone else will do it all for you. All you have to do is relax.Is there a way to save a little money or is it really expensive as I heard?The first rule of every trip is that there is a low cost version of everything. Obviously if you want to spend the night in a luxury hotel, sipping champagne from golden cups and eating caviar, there is little to do. Anyway with a little compromise, a poor version even f the most ambitious dreams will surely come true. The cruise is not an exception, of course. It offers so many activities and so many packages that everyone can find exactly what they want… And what their wallets need, above all.

It is true that cruises take away the thrill of exploration?

Not at all. A cruise gives you the best the both worlds. You can both enjoy a real adventure exploring the places you prefer on your itinerary and have the most relaxing time of you life, sunbathing in the pool or having some beauty treatment.

Moreover, as a matter of fact, you can go literally wherever you want. There are cruises to go everywhere. You just have to choose where you want to go.

So, why shall I go on a cruise?

This is the million dollar question we started from.

First of all, there is nothing to worry about when cruising. You can leave everyday stress behind you and just forget about it. Your only concern might be the fear of going back to reality, but do not worry about it while you are on board. Meals are always served, rooms are cleaned up by the ship personnel and activies are scheduled at every time of the day. If you want to get an updated version of comfort or you are just the laziest person in the world, you can even call a personal butler to unpack your cases! Really, you can. This is not just luxury, this is royal life.

A cruise is also perfectly suitable for anyone and any age. If you want to relax, you can really find everything you can think of to chill out there. You can either do some sport or enjoy some delicious specialties by the best chefs (which sounds a lot better than sweating in the gym, but if you an athletic type nobody will judge you….). Whether you want to have a romantic experience with your partner or your are singles looking for love, a cruise will fulfill all your needs. If you are travelling with kids, entertaining activities for the little ones run everyday almost at any time. They will not get bored and you will get the chance to enjoy the silence, which is something you are probably not used anymore having little kids.

And these are just a few examples. A cruise is just like a little town, a super-fun one. There is something to do for anyone.


What if I suffer from seasickness?

Good question, absolutely legit. If you think you could never face sailing for so long, no worries. Cruises are meant to keep everyone safe and sound. It will not feel as if you are on a huge waving canoe. Stability and comfort will be your trip keywords, guaranteed.

…and if you feel like you cannot stand the sea anymore, just get off! Some excursion on the land will surely be waiting for you. Actually, this is what we are here for. Enhance your trip with one of our amazing tours specifically designed for cruisers. Surf our website and have a look. Whenever you want to take a day off the boat, count on us.

So, welcome on board.

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