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Discover Castelmezzano and experience

If you love impressive panoramic views and mountains then Italy is definitely the best holiday destination for you. While the Alps in the Northern part of the country are the greatest mountain range system in Europe and most tourists travel there, it is even possible to pair a trip to South Italy, where to experience the Lucanian Dolomites in the lovely Basilicata from a different point of view.

Located in the Southern area of the Apennines near Basento Valley, they share the same name as northern Dolomites because of their countless similarities. Lucanian Dolomites are an asperous range formed about 15 million years ago: its peaks have an average of 1000 metres. Very close to them, the fascinating villages of Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano are definitely a must see in the area.

Check out below their highlights and the special “Angel Flight”, a memorable experience to feel as light as an angel!


The beautiful Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa

Selected among hundreds of villages in Italy to be some of the most charming to visit, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are perfect for nature lovers and for anyone looking to feel the atmosphere of an ancient italian village, off the beaten tracks.

The origins of Castelmezzano date back to the VI Century b.C. when this area was under the control of Greeks, who founded nearby a place called “golden world”. Since then, the village had to undergo different settlements, Normans and the Crown of Aragon. Today it is part of the protected area of the regional Park of Gallipoli Cognato.

Castelmezzano appears as a medieval village with a suggestive atmosphere: while walking through its old alleys, you can notice several constructions carved in the Lucanian rocks plus steep stairways to on the upper sides of the village, where you can admire breathtaking views. To enter Castelmezzano, you can walk into the gallery carved in the rock right after a cleft. Do not forget a stop in Piazza Caizzo, the main center of this town where the magnificent Church of Santa Maria dell’Olmo still stands, adorned with fine romanesque details and local stone.

Nestled between the Lucanian Dolomites, Pietrapertosa has been named among the most beautiful villages of Italy by CNN in 2019. The strict connection between nature and this town is crystal clear, in fact Pietrapertosa has been built using its uphill location at its best. This town resembles a medieval village, especially near the Castle which dates back to Roman times. From the Castle, it is possible to admire an astonishing view over the surrounding mountains and valleys.


The “Angel Flight”: a memorable experience

If your aim is to experience nature from a different perspective, then you cannot miss the Angel Flight.

You can join an Angel Flight either departing from Castelmezzano station or Pietrapertosa. The ticket includes a round trip flight on two lines which are made of a steel cable hanging between the tops of these two stunning villages. Do not be worried about heights, you will be tied in total safety to live a real flight of some minutes, an adventure you will remember forever.

You can take the “Angel Flight” either on your own or with your partner, tickets are available in both ways. The cost is Euros 42 per one person, Euros 75 total for 2 people.


6th Aug 2021