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The charming region of Apulia, which has the longest coastline of Italy, is located in the southern area of the country, surrounded on one side by the Adriatic Sea and on the other by the Ionian Sea. Due to its curious shape and position it has been nicknamed the “heel” of Italy’s boat with endless unspoiled beaches and sparkling blue sea. Whether you are into history or you love nature and breathtaking views, this place has definitely a lot to offer.

No trip to Apulia can miss a visit to the amazing land of Trulli of Alberobello and Locorotondo, two picturesque towns of the hinterland near Bari.

Apulien Trulli are traditional limestone buildings with a conical shape on the roof, whose original function was to be a shelter for people in need. They became the main attraction of this stunning country in the XX Century. Since 1996 they have been part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Alberobello: a unique town

Alberobello, a lovely town located in the Itria Valley, is the homeland of the unique Trulli.

The word Trullo, which actually comes from Greek language, is the italian translation of the local dialect Truddu, which refers to an agricultural dry stone hut.

There are many theories about the origin of this peculiar construction. One of the most realistic recounts that they were built in dry stone walls to be dismantled quickly as they were used by poor people in times of high taxation on properties in the XIV Century.

Since then, their building techniques have been passed down from one generation to the other. Therefore, visiting the land of Trulli is not only a cultural trip but it means traveling back in time and discovering unforgettable ancient traditions.

Most of Alberobello’s Trulli are located in the fascinating district called Rione Monti which is a must see in walking tours Alberobello. Once you step in, you will feel like walking through a fairy-tale place. Although each Trullo can differ in size and structure, they have all the same white walls and a conic or pyramidal grey shape above. Some of them are still use as houses by locals, others instead were turned into guest houses. Whatever way you experience them, you will certainly feel that one of a kind authentic atmosphere surrounding you.

While the majority of Trulli are located in the city center, it can be useful to take Alberobello guided tours to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth of its narrow alleys and to be sure to get the best out of it.



Locorotondo is a beautiful town across Itria Valley and Murgia, close to Alberobello. It benefits from a special uphill location from which it is possible to admire impressive views over the surrounding area.

The name of this town may come from the rounded pattern of its ancient walls around the old town.

Indeed, Locorotondo is characterized by a magical atmosphere at every corner. While on the outside it is embraced by Trulli, olive tree groves and masserie, which are local farms turned into agritourism, the heart of the village is full of history to discover and architecture features to look at. The whole village is mostly painted in white on its buildings while the countless lovely balconies feature a great variety of flowers with vivid colors. In the old town, local houses share similar aspects with Trulli, such as the use of limestone as the main material and the sloping grey roof.

One of the main highlights of a visit to Locorotondo is surely the Mother Church of "St. George the Martyr", built at the end of the XVIII Century with a Renaissance style façade. On the inside, it is possible to see stunning Baroque style elements and the representation of St. George, the patron saint of Locorotondo.

1st Jul 2021