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What would the emperors do during the Coronavirus crisis?

Business as usual in Rome!
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He would probably say: “so, come on, people you are in the XXI century, with all the resources and weapons you have and still can’t manage to control a flu?”

Well, i guess he’s right somehow. What’s a flu compared to brutal and bloody battles, cruel tortures, sneaky betrayals, public executions and complot murders? talk to the Roman emperors about Coronavirus.


What they would have to say...


  • The emperor Marcus Aurelius, for example, was known by his competent administration and his capacity for reacting well to crises like the flooding of the Tiber in 162. He reformed the currency intelligently in response to changing economic circumstances and picked his advisors well. 

So, there we go, Marcus would probably manage the situation like a pro, establishing a secure plan for Roman population and tourists so they could enjoy the city to the fullest even on these uncertain times.

The tourist industry is going down these days in Rome? no problem, Marcus’s got it. Implementing a few economic measures and some help for the local entrepreneurs and Rome’s up for business again. 


  • Hadrian, another great emperor, patronised the arts and architecture and among many spectacular building projects, he oversaw the rebuilding of the Pantheon with its magnificent dome. So after all that hard work and effort, doesn’t the amazing Pantheon deserve a visit? come on! don't deceive the emperor, after all, monuments in Rome were made to be admired.


Hadrian’s reign was considered the “happiest era of human history”, if you want to have the same feeling, come to Rome and see what it has to offer, if the city didn’t deceive an emperor, it won’t deceive you either.


  • Fascinated with Ben-Hur and the Colosseum? well, say thanks to emperor Trajan. He was not only one of the greatest emperors but also did great things for its citizens like devalued the silver denarius to finance the spending of his enormous war booty on public works, providing food and subsidised education for the poor as well as great games. 

Trajan would make sure population are well informed and educated about the real dangers and myths of the Coronavirus and wouldn’t let anyone manipulate that or create chaos.


  • If you are a big fan of Roman ancient history and its monuments, then you definitely have to come to Rome and thank emperor Vespasian and Titus for the Colosseum. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to admire such an astonishing architectural piece. So, come on, show some respect and be grateful that in between so much fighting they had time to built up such a great thing! 


Make the emperors proud, make them see that all the effort they put into building such a great city was worth it and that we are so lucky to be able to enjoy it today. 

Rome is a secure and healthy city, all cases that tested COVID 19 positive are already under control and recovering and the authorities have been implementing measures at the airport and hospitals. 

If the emperors made it through such terrible times and Rome survived until today, there’s nothing to be afraid of. They didn't have to fight with a virus similar to the flu, they had to deal with lots of casualties from wars, massive fires and even earthquakes.

Do like an emperor, or maybe not...

If you are still undecided about coming to Rome after all those cool facts, wait till you hear this: there’s lots of succulent pasta dishes waiting for you, to indulge yourself during your holidays and to treat you like an emperor.

However, we encourage you not to do like Claudius, the emperor known by his big appetite who is believed had to throw out at least once a day so he could keep eating.  

On the other hand, we are sure Tiberius, for example, would combat the virus with wine, too much wine maybe, he had the nickname Biberius for his passion for crook the elbow. We recommend you still try the best Italian wine while doing some sightseeing in the eternal city, just with moderation. 

As you can see, Rome is open for business, trust the emperor’s word!


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