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Visit Stra and Villa Pisani Labirinth

Visit Stra and Villa Pisani Labirinth

If you love historical buildings, museums and fascinating open air spaces, then the small village of Stra is the ideal day trip for you. Located at just 35 kilometers from Venice, Stra is a little town built along Naviglio del Brenta river in the western area around Venice.

Stra’s origins are ancient and in fact its name comes from the Latin word strata that means road. This place was inhabited by Romans, who turned it into a must stop along the way to Northern Italy. Due to its close location along the canal between Padua and Venice, Stra’s territory was disputed for centuries and eventually it became part of venetian belongings during the XVI Century.

Soon it turned to be the favourite holiday destination for wealthy venetian families who built their own residence in the area, matching farming profits with opulent properties. Most of their villas are still well preserved and open to the public.

Among them, the enchanting Villa Pisani is definitely the most beautiful as it hosts countless art pieces from the XVII and the XVIII Century which are part of the local museum.

Check out below and discover what to see in Villa Pisani and how to reach it.



Villa Pisani takes the name from Alvise Pisani, who ruled Venice as Doge from 1735 to his death. Pisani was a wealthy landowner who owned many villas in the Venice surroundings. Pisani ordered Gerolamo Frigimelica, a venetian architect, to project his new villa. However, its construction was finished by Francesco Maria Preti. 

Villa Pisani was designed in Baroque style, with details resembling the impressive Versailles.

The Villa covers an area of 15.000 square meters and it is provided with a large rectangular building. When it was built, it had 114 rooms to celebrate Alvise Pisani, the 114th Doge of Venice. Later more rooms were added and now there are 168. The Ballroom is the largest room of the construction and it hosts a stunning two-story fresco by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Napoleon's room is another must see: it was named after Napoleon, who spent part of his life there, and it preserves elegant furniture of that time.

On the outside, a lovely 14 hectares park is designed according to the XVII Century gardens’ style. The gardens are arranged in geometric shapes and perspective. The eastern side is certainly the most notable as it hosts breathtaking art pieces and even a stage where comedies by Carlo Goldoni were played. In the gardens it is possible to visit the Labyrinth decorated with box hedges too.

The maze is made of a circular path with nine concentric passageways: some of them lead to dead ends, others instead lead to the very center, where you can admire a small tower with a Minerva Statue on the top. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and arts: you can reach the statue through a double spiral staircase.



The best season to visit Villa Pisani is definitely Spring or early Autumn as it will give you the chance to admire nature at its best.

Villa Pisani is open everyday except on Mondays. You can buy your tickets easily online or at the ticket office on site.

How to reach Villa Pisani from Venice:

Take the ACTV bus 53 from Venice. This bus connects Padua with Venice.

If you are traveling by car, take SR 11 from Piazzale Roma and follow the directions to Highway A57.

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23rd Sep 2021