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The Rome's Birthday

Every April 21st in Rome we celebrate the Birthday of Rome, due to the fact that the city was founded by Romulus on this day in 753 B.C.

To celebrate the foundation of the Eternal City, citizens recall the ancient glorious moments that made Rome the Capital of the Roman Empire. You can easily attend to amazing parades with Gladiators, Vestal Virgins, Romulus and Remo and the she-wolf as well as Roman Legions that were the soldiers protecting the city and the emperors. It won’t be only a trip to Rome, but a travel back in time!

The Parade takes place in the Circus Maximus, once used by the Romans as a place for the chariot race games. Then the parade continues toward Venice square, along with the Imperial and Roman Forum and to the Coliseum, emblem of ancient Rome.

For tourists visiting Rome the 21st of April, this is a special event because they can really take in the joyful atmosphere of the Capital City. Most of all, they can have access to all museums and parks since everything will be open to allow visitors to enjoy and discover the heritage of the spectacular eternal city. You will not see more than 2000 Gladiators during this celebration or Vestal Virgins, you will also see the priestesses and Roman Senators! You can attend the parade without any charge, but you will be free to enjoy it at your own pace.

If you did not book your flight do not wait too long because this can be a great opportunity for you and for your children. It happens only once a year to be part of a stunning Roman parade!

The best way to merge in the atmosphere is to take the chance on the same day to enter sights such as the Colosseum or the Roman Forum taking a guided tour, for a real full immersion. Then, once your tour is over, you will be immersed in the atmosphere of Ancient Rome. 

Before the parade starts, Romans will make the “tracciato del solco” that was also called the “Pomoerium” in the Latin language: it was the boundary of Rome, the city founded by Romolo in the 753 B.C. The main function of Pomoerium was to make clear which was Rome city territory and which were the outside areas, belonging to Rome.

Rome traditions state that the first Pomoerium was established by Romulus around the walls of the city, that is why it is celebrated and remembered every year on April 21st.

Right after the Romans act recalling the agricultural celebrations in honour to the Goddess Pales, actors will play the roles of the protectors of the shepherds and livestock. It will be like travelling back in time, discovering Roman past!


The Myth of Romulus and Remus

According to the myth, Romulus and Remus were twins. They were supposed to be Rhea Silvia and Mars, the god of war, sons as well as Aeneas descendants. They were abandoned at birth since an ancient prophecy stated that they would overthrow the political power of their families.

However, instead of killing them, the servants of their family abandoned them along the rivers of Tiber. That’s where a she-wolf found them, giving them food and taking care of them. Once adults, they decided to found a city. However, they argued and at the end Romulus killed his own brother Remus. In this way, Romulus became Rome’s first king and founder.

Which is the place of Rome’s foundation? It is right on the Palatine Hill, one of the 7 hills of the eternal city. Nowadays Palatine Hill is available for Tours to explore the treasures of the glorious Ancient Rome!


Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is nowadays an archaeological site open to the public. During the Empire Era, many Emperors chose this spots as the best place to build their residences. If you stroll around this area, you will find the well - preserved ruins of the House of Livia and Augustus, the Palace of Domitian as well as the House of Tiberius and many more!

Why did Rome’s rulers decide to have their villas right here? The first one was Augustus, who was born here. One of the main reasons was that from here it is possible to have a great panoramic view, both over the Roman Forum and on Rome main sites, enjoying a peaceful atmosphere. That way, emperors felt like being at the very centre of Rome, observing it from above.

Rome is like an open-air museum! When you walk along the Roman Forum or the Imperial Forum or visit the Pantheon, your memories will evoke legends of this amazing city with over 6 million visitors a day. 

The Birthday of Rome is something very special, do not miss it, Rome Private Guides invites you to be part of this special event!

22nd Mar 2018