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Piazza Navona Christmas Market in Rome

Where to go to feel the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Rome all around you? Every year sparkling lights and festive decorations light up the old center of the Eternal City. Some might say that the traditional Christmas trees in Venice Square and in St. Peter’s are a must see, however, the Christmas Market in Navona Square is definitely a long-established event not to be missed too.

Starting from the beginning of December, the ancient Navona Square turns into locals' favourite destination both for shopping and to have fun. This place is in fact full of stalls selling Christmas items such as Nativity Scene statues, colourful tree’s decorations and many more.

Moreover, if you are traveling with your family you can stop here and enjoy the classic carousel.

Check out below and know about Piazza Navona Christmas Market in Rome.


Piazza Navona Market and Epiphany

The Christmas Market in Navona Square is one of the oldest in town. While in the last years there were many, both in the city center and outside, this one certainly benefits from a special location, being just besides baroque masterpieces by Bernini and Borromini and ancient Rome’s ruins.

Every year you can find different types of stalls in the area: most of them show local handicrafts or Christmas gifts, others instead sell toys and sweets that both adults and kids love.

The tradition of giving presents and sweets is a long-lasting one and it is deeply linked both with Christmas and Epiphany day. It is no wonder why here you can find both Santa Claus and the Befana characters ready to take pictures with you.

The last day of celebration in Piazza Navona is in fact on Epiphany day on January 6th, which eventually marks the end of Christmas holidays. Here you will find everything you need to have your stockings filled by the Befana: candies, torrone and hot chestnuts are the most common products to taste.


What to see in the area

Not many know that Navona Square was inhabited by Romans and that their monuments are still well preserved. This impressive place witnessed countless art works throughout the centuries which still can be seen. To make sure not to miss the highlights, you can match a stop in Navona Square while admiring Domitian Stadium and stunning Fountain of Four Rivers during your Rome Tours.

Domitian Stadium bears the same name of the Roman Emperor who built it in 86 AD. Meant to be a gift from the Emperor to all Roman citizens, Domitian Stadium was basically used for athletic contests. Today it is part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its underground archaeological area is accessible through the entrance which is just a few steps away from Navona Square.

The main must see of Navona Square however, is the Baroque Fountain of Four Rivers by Bernini located at the center of this breathtaking site. It represents the 4 biggest rivers on Earth known during the Renaissance, one per continent: the Nile, the Danube, the Ganges and Rio de La Plata.

When in Navona Square, pay a visit to the beautiful Church of Sant’ Agnese in Agone, a baroque building designed by Rainaldi and Borromini. It is provided with two high bell towers that surround the impressive dome.


20th Dec 2021