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Musja of Rome: The Dark Side. Who's afraid of the dark?

Musja of Rome: The Dark Side. Who's afraid of the dark?

An exploration of the unconscious, “The Dark Side. Who's afraid of the dark?” is an exhibition curated by Danilo Eccher from 9th of October 2019 until the 1st of March 2020 at the Musja Museum.

The Musja Museum of Rome

Musja (a mix of the words Museum and Jacorossi - the founder’s last name) was opened in 2017 by the entrepreneur Ovidio Jacorossi, known for being an art collector, he set up a multi-purpose space that became a private art museum dedicated to contemporary art. Musja displays the vast art collection of its founder which is comprised of around 2,500 works exhibited in rotation either for dedicated exhibits or as part of featured projects. Originally the place where Jacorossi’s father began his coal shop in 1922, the museum building is located in the heart of Rome in Via dei Chiavari 7.


Danilo Eccher and the Dark Side 

Danilo Eccher, known for masterfully curating Chiostro del Bramante’s Love, Enjoy and Dream exhibits, is an Italian art critic and curator. He will be presenting “The Dark Side.” trilogy exhibit at the Musja. Eccher has chosen to focus his innovative exhibits on making the audience the focal point of a sensory rich experience.


The Dark Side. Who's afraid of the dark? 

The Musja three part exhibit curated by Danilo Eccher will feature the "Fear of the Dark", the "Fear of Loneliness" and the "Fear of Time". “The Dark Side” trilogy vernissage is meant as an exploration of the unconscious and its secrets, the fears that all human beings share. 

Starting the 9th of October 2019 until the 2st of March 2020, visitors will be able to explore the dark parts of their unconscious. "Who is afraid of the dark?" features thirteen internationally renowned artists: James Lee Byars, Monica Bonvicini, Chiharu Shiota, Monster Chatwynd, Sheela Gowda, Flavio Favelli, Christian Boltanski, Robert Longo, Hermann Nitsch, Tony Oursler, Gianni Dessì, Gregor Schneider and Gino De Domicinis. The exhibit will also feature art works from the Jacorossi collection. 

The focus is on expressing raw, hidden fears and secrets of the unconscious mind and taking the audience on a journey through the dark parts of the soul while inspiring the courage to face this darkness.


The Dark Side and Performance Art 

To accompany the “Who's afraid of the dark?” vernissage performances by the Differenziale Femminile (Female Differential) group will be featured in the dedicated rooms of the Musja. Four Roman Actresses selected by the The Dark Side, Roberta Begoni, Caterina Boccardi, Paola Barzi and Giulia Delicato, will be inspiring visitors to explore their most hidden thoughts and face their deepest fears. 

Are you ready to explore your dark side? We all have one.



11th Oct 2019