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Discover the Castelli Romani near Rome: Art, Food, Wine and Nature

Discover the Castelli Romani near Rome: Art, Food, Wine and Nature

Just near Rome in the area so called “I Castelli Romani” there are many charming villages such as Ariccia, Frascati, Albano, Rocca di Papa, Nemi and Castel Gandolfo.

The Castelli Romani are famous for art- food and wine.

Thanks to the wine tradition in the past centuries the local wine producers had in their vineyards a small place used for offering to possible buyers a selection of local wine tasting accompanied by local products from the area.


A lunch in the popular "Fraschetta"

The popular term “fraschetta” indicates the type of venue for drinking new wine, in this way the wine producers could obtain an additional benefit to the trade.

This tradition is going back to the Middle Age times. In the modern times this tradition slightly changes and the “Fraschetta” became a little “trattoria” serving local wines, delicious pastas, genuine local food!

The "fraschette" are found mainly in the Castelli Romani area on the outskirts of Rome, 12 miles away from Rome city center.

The name comes from the term "frasca" which means branches (often laurel) that were hung outside the houses to recognize where the wine was produced and could be consumed.

The typical Fraschette have a very simple decoration they mostly have large barrels where the wine is preserved, large wood tables and benches, definitely we can say that is the right place for food lovers.


Taste the "Porchetta" and experience the typical local food

In the roman countryside is very typical the “ Porchetta” which is roast pig flavored with stuffed garlic, herbs, rosemary and fennel and it is cooked until the skin is turning in golden and crispy

Apart from the wine the typical menu is the "porchetta", the Castelli wine Doc or DOCG, delicious pastas and typical products of Lazio gastronomy such as sausages, cheeses, “prosciutto”, olives and pickles.

After having tried the "antipasti" the main dishes follow, which are the typical Roman pastas such as Carbonara, Amatriciana, la Gricia or the Fettuccine with Porcini mushrooms or the Pasta with Tartufo!.


To complete the meal cannot miss in the table the Vin Santo with “Ciambelline al Vino” that are round ring cookies that you deep in the sweet wine!

wine santo and typical ciambelline

A selection of the Best "Fraschette" in Castel Gandolfo


“Fraschette” are found everywhere in the Castelli Romani countryside but my favourite are in Castel Gandolfo village.

Castel Gandolfo is also famous for the Barberini Gardens and for the Pope’s summer Residence who is really worth a visit in this way you can combine art- food and wine in a day! You can choose our Day trip to Castel Gandolfo.


Hostaria La Fraschetta; It is one of the most famous fraschetta in the area, it is very close to the train station. Here you can find the most traditional and fresh things in the area and, without a doubt, a good wine.


Trattoria Lo Spuntino; It is located in the historic center of Castel Gandolfo and is highly recommended by families since you can have a view of Lake Albano and it is outdoors.


Antica Pasta all'uovo innocenzio, is a truly particular restaurant since all the cooked dishes are made with KM 0 products (they produce them) and the friendliness of the staff is certainly something to appreciate.

14th Mar 2022