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Coppedé Quarter: an hidden treasure of Rome

Coppedé Quarter: an hidden treasure of Rome

Rome has no shortage of breathtaking sites to discover. While the most famous ones such as the timeless Flavian Amphiteatre and the treasure rich Vatican City are definitely at the top of anyone’s bucket list, there are plenty of worth-seeing hidden places to explore.

If you have more than one day, you may be looking for off the beaten track private tours of Rome.

Coppedé is a charming area located in the heart of Rome: this is part of Trieste District. Nestled between Via Tagliamento and Piazza Buenos Aires, this is one of lesser known areas of the Eternal City, so that even locals may be unaware of it. The result is a peaceful oasis away from the urban chaos. What makes it so unique is the impressive architecture made of different styles and decorations. In Coppedé you will see Baroque, Medieval, Gothic and Liberty features that adorn unexpectedly stunning villas and buildings.

This area takes the name from the architect Gino Coppedé, known as an eclectic artist, who was able to create the perfect mix of styles. Originally meant to be home to Ambassadors and their families, Coppedè district soon turned out to be one of the most expensive places of Rome to live in. Its foundation dates back to the years between 1913 and 1927.

Each construction of Coppedè district is different from the other and you will notice refined details at every corner. The fascinating atmosphere that surrounds you as you walk through the main entrance resembles a whimsical world: this is no wonder why it has been chosen so many times as a movie set. Therefore, you cannot miss a visit to the Coppedè district.

Check below the highlights of this enchanting site!


What to see in Coppedè

Enter Coppedè district through the main gate made of an impressive arch that connects Ambassadors Palace at the corner between Via Arno and Via Tagliamento. As you step in, you will notice asymmetrical details and a huge iron chandelier. Right after you will get to the main centre of Coppedè: Piazza Mincio.

This is a one of a kind place, whose center is the so-called Fountain of Frogs that has been nicknamed this way due to its decorations. This Fountain and its project belong to Gino Coppedè, who built it in 1924. As a local legend reports, the members of the Beatles came and bathed here after an event nearby.

In Piazza Mincio you can admire the Spider Palace too, whose name comes from the mosaic of a spider just above the main gate. This is a bizarre four level building, adorned with many other elements such as lions, columns, frescoes and an unknown face.

Keep on exploring and you will see the lovely “Villino delle Fate”, a refined building that really stands out, built with several materials such as tile, travertine, marble, glass, and wrought iron. The Villino has been embellished with the words “You are beautiful Florenzia”, which refer to Florence. A few steps away, you can notice two figures depicting the Florentine poets Dante and Petrarca.

Did you know that Gino Coppedè was from Florence too?


Know before you go

Coppedè district is located in central Rome, not far from Termini central station. The best way to reach it is by bus n. 92 or tram n. 3 or 19.

This is an outdoor area, for this reason it doesn’t require neither tickets nor too much time to visit it. We suggest you visit it at your own pace for one or two hours.


21st Oct 2021