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7 interesting facts about Rome

The Eternal city, Caput Mundi, Capital City: these are only few of the way to call this suggestive city.

Rome timeless beauty seems to be tempting fate as all the breathtaking monuments, sculptures and paintings making every corner of this town an unforgettable one. 

Let’s discover 7 interesting facts about Rome, the enchanting city where present, past and future mix each other.


1 A huge variety of Fountains

Have you ever walked through the fascinating typical alleys in Rome city center? If so, you will have surely seen a fountain, whether small or large. In fact, the countless amount of fountains of different dimensions, patterns, with or without drinkable fresh water, is indeed among the records that make Rome so special. The Fountain of four rivers in Navona Square, sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is a must stop in almost every tour in Rome. The fountain represents the four major rivers in the world, each one belonging to a different continent: the Nile in Africa, Danube in Europe, Ganges in Asia and Rio de la Plata in America.

Another remarkable highlights is Trevi Fountain, a true must see place, whether you are dreaming of La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday or not. Do not forget to toss a coin in the fountain, it will bring you good luck!


2 All roads lead to Rome

All roads lead to Rome, as a local popular proverb says. This witty saying reminds us of the magnificence of the Eternal city and Roman Empire and how the main roads, which are still-standing, were meant to start  right in the astonishing Capital city. There is no wonder why another way to call Rome in Latin is Caput Mundi, that means Capital of the world. In fact, Romans built a great amount of roads that were used to connected even the most remote places in the Empire with the central city. 


3 The tiniest island in the world

Another record that makes Rome so unique is the presence of the smallest inhabited island in the world. Its name is Tiber Island, as the same river where it is located. This little piece of land, located in the southern bend of the river, is only 270 metres long. It is connected on both side with the dry land through two ancient bridges, Ponte Cestio and Ponte Fabricio, the oldest in the whole town.

Tiber Island was once the place where an ancient Temple dedicated to Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine, was built. Today, the island still preserves its healing purpose. In fact locals are used to go to Fatebenefratelli, a currently used hospital which dates back to the 16th century.


4 - At the restaurant: The bill, paid the roman way

As locals say, we can pay the roman way. If you have ever heard this typical saying, do not be worried about it. This means that the bill will be divided equally between all the participants.


5 - How many Hills?

According to tradition, Rome foundation happened in the former 7 Hills. They are: Palatine Hill, where  Rome was founded, Aventine, Caelian Hill, Hillius, Quirinal, Viminal and Capitoline Hill, where you can admire a breathtaking view over the Roman Forum.

Although these are the original seven Hills, today the Eternal city includes many others as well, such as Janiculum, highly recommended for a stunning panoramic view of the whole town and Pincian Hill, right next to the charming Borghese Gardens.


6 - City of Cats

It is easy to find a cats along the streets, especially near Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome. This is an ancient square in the city center where they are preserved and volunteers feed and take care of them. Many centuries ago in the same place, Pompey’s Theatre was built and today four ancient temples still stand, timelessly.


7 - Roman street food: Grattachecca

Grattachecca is an ice cold dessert not to miss during the heat of the roman summer days. Usually sold in kiosks along the streets of the city center, or near River Tiber banks, this delicious food made of shaved ice flavoured with sweet sciroppo will definitely refresh you, even in the warmest days.

All in all, Rome and its masterpieces are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime, whether you are traveling with your family, in a group or alone. Contact us to arrange your tailor-made itinerary in the Eternal City.

15th Jul 2020