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5 things to do at Christmas in Rome 2018

About Rome


Rome is a place where ancient traditions are handed down from one generation to another, especially for Christmas celebration. Visiting Rome in December, you will find plenty of religious celebrations as well as markets to look for special presents!


  1. Navona Square and its market

    This amazing square is located at the very city center of Rome. Many centuries ago, from 1st century AD till later on, in the same place, there was the Stadium of Domitian, built under the order of the Emperor himself. Ancient Romans used to come here to enjoy the shows that were a bit different from the ones held at Colosseum.

    The proof of the ancient use of this place is that Navona Square has kept the same shape of a Roman stadium.

    During the baroque period, this square was decorated by some of the most renowned artists of that years as Borromini and Bernini. Walking along this unique location, you will find at its very center the impressive Fountains of Four Rivers, representing the 4 major rivers in the world: this is a real must see in the city center.

    Every year during Christmas Time, Navona Square change itself into a magical location where its even more worth it spending your time. Why? Because in addition to the eternal artistic beauties, you will find the most famous Christmas market in town!

    Stroll around here and take your time to relax with your travel buddies and your loved ones. Navona Square Christmas market is the perfect location both for adults and for children. What will you find here? The market has plenty of toys, original handcraft products, Christmas decoration to put in your home and food, especially sweets, that’s why it is an unmissable stop in your trip in Rome.

    This Christmas market starts at the very beginning of December and lasts until January 6th. On the last day, you will find also actors playing Christmas traditional characters like Santa Claus and the old crone: your kids will love it for sure!



  2. Mass celebration

    You know, Christmas Time is the best period of the year to spend your time with your family and people you love. Christmas has a religious relevance too so, what’s better than celebrate it in Rome taking part in a mass celebration?

    In Italian Capital city there are plenty of them but you could be one of the blessed people to participate in the special one on Christmas Eve in St. Peter! How? It is compulsory to book your Ticket on Vatican website.

    Whether you are Christian or not, living the touching experience of a celebration with the Pope is something you won’t ever forget in your life, not only for its religious meaning but also because it is a source of hope and inspiration.

  3. Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene

    There is no Christmas without a decked out tree and a Nativity Scene. Every year in St. Peter Square, just in front of the Basilica and beside the obelisk, it is set up the greatest Christmas tree of Rome, making the view over Vatican more suggestive than ever.

    On December 7th, the huge traditional Tree and the Nativity Scene will be finally launched and enlightened by artificial lights. Visitors will be able to admire them until January 7th, the day of Jesus baptism.

    The Nativity scene is set up just near the tree: what’s most interesting about this scene is the accuracy people had to recreate it. In fact, characters statues are not only few but many, and they are almost life-sized. Also behind them, it was put a decoration to recreate the images of the locations where actions took place.



  4. Winter hobbies: Ice-skating

    Winters sports lovers will find for sure an activity worth to spend their time: it is ice-skating!

    If you really want to go ice-skating in a very special location, then you can’t miss out the ice rink beside Castel St’Angelo. You will go on ice seeing the beautiful panorama of Rome river, the Tiber, and St. Peter in the background. Does it sound good right?

    Another option you may have is going ice-skating at the rink at Rome Auditorium, maybe after a live concert! During Christmas time the calendar of events is full of exciting concerts that may fit everyone’s preferences.

  5. Traditional Italian Christmas food

    What’s the first thing that you think about when someone says “Italy”? Is it tasty food, right? During Christmas time you will have the incredible chance to get a taste of delicious flavours that in other months are harder to find.

    Sweets tastes lovers will find here traditional evergreen products as the typical Panettone and Pandoro! 

    What is Panettone? This is a traditional food, that was first created in the North of Italy in Milan, but nowadays you will find in every house from North to South since it’s one of the most loved! It is called in this way due to its shape of a bread loaf, Italian word to say “bread” is in fact “pane”. Its base has a cylindrical shape with a cupola upon it and inside this sweet bread, you can taste candied fruits and raisins.

    Whereas Pandoro is a sweet yeast bread usually covered with vanilla scented icing sugar whose origins are in the northern area of Italy, in Verona.

    Foodies can taste Roman cuisine for Christmas Eve: real roman people will have a dinner with fish and artichokes while On Christmas day, they will have a lunch with meat food. We suggest having a taste of these flavourful foods: you will really fell in love with them!


Are you coming to Rome to spend your Christmas holiday? Contact us to organize your travel, we will be glad and pleased to assist you and offer you our Vatican Tours, putting all our efforts to satisfy your needs.

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