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5 people who embodied the spirit of Rome

About Rome


1 - Julius Caesar

Let’s start our trip through Roman culture at the very beginning, focusing on its most relevant person throughout history: Julius Ceasar.

If Rome’s history could be represented by a person, then he would be Julius Caesar for sure. Not only he is a symbol of Ancient Times in Rome, also his name is known worldwide due to his military and political abilities.

Caesar was a politician and a general who lived and ruled in 1st century BC, playing a crucial role during the change in Rome political type of administration from the Republic to the Empire.

How could he become so relevant to Roman history? The first time his name is recorded throughout history is in 60 BC, when he formed a political alliance with two of the best generals who led the Roman army to victory: Crassus and Pompey.

Their main objective was to gain power and rule over roman territories but the Senators, who held it at that time, opposed him.

One of the reasons that make him so famous is that he was the first roman general who managed to cross both the Channel and the Rhine as well as won the battles in Gallic Wars that took place in current France.

At the time he came back to Rome, he had gained so much military power that the Senate ordered him to step down his power but he refused to do it and that’s when Roman Civil War started. Guess how it ended? Caesar finally won and became the ruler of Rome.

Unfortunately, his political relevance brought to him many enemies who conspired secretly against him and organized a brutal plan to murder him and they did it.

On the day of Ides of March (March 15th) in 44 BC, he was betrayed by Senators who stabbed him 23 times.

2 – Trilussa

 Let’s switch to Roman literature and poetry: Trilussa is the real representative of this matter. His artistic name comes from the anagram of his true surname “Salustri”, but he has been most known by the name of Trilussa.

He was born and lived in Rome during the 19th and 20th century. He used to recount tales about the eternal city and people who lived in it while writing his poems that are now part of local culture.

Wonder how he looked like? In the very city center, it’s possible to walk along the square dedicated to him, where it is located also a statue representing him.

Trilussa Square is in Trastevere District, one of the most characteristic in the capital city, where real roman traditions and tastes are still recognizable and unmissable during your trip here.

3 – Alberto Sordi

 It’s time to turn our attention to roman cinema. Have you ever seen a mid 20th-century Italian movie? Then you should be able to recognize him. I am talking about Alberto Sordi, who was one of the most renowned actors of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

It is celebrated still nowadays all over Italy and by Roman people too, who dedicated him a luxurious shop Gallery located along the central street of “Via del Corso”.

When you think about Alberto Sordi, the first thing that will cross your mind is for sure his enthusiastic cheerfulness and his joyful smile. Also, he was passionate about his city and its culture, so who’s better than he can represent Rome in the movies?

In one of his most memorable movies, called “An American in Rome”, an Italian comedy film of 1954, he describes the impact that American culture had on Italian and roman lives in a funny way. He plays “Nando”, an Italian man who tries to americanize his life by acting as an American person and imitating the sound of English language.  What’s the most loved scene of this movie? The real unforgettable one is the scene in which he tries to look like an American but when he comes back to the home he can’t resist a taste of Roman pasta.

4 – Francesco Totti

 Rome and sports: it is a duo that let you think about football for sure. Who’s better than Francesco Totti to recount the eternal city in football?

Francesco has been a Rome Team football player since his very early years in football, and despite the fact that he had to face many others players like him, he has always been admired by them who identify him as a true opponent to challenge.

Francesco was born in Rome and lived in a central district of the city since his childhood. His love for his city and his football team are what brought him to the decision to never leave this city and his team, in which he played until he gave up being a football player.

On his very last match that he played, he was so passionate and moved. At the end of the 90 minutes of the match held a speech to thank his teammates, his city and his fans for all the support they gave him.

5 – The Pope

Last but not least, we turn our attention to religion. Rome has a special connection with religion since right inside the Italian capital city, you can find the Vatican.

The representative person for Christian religion all over the world and in Rome is obviously the Pope. Coming to Rome and participating to a mass celebration with the Pope is a moving experience for everyone whether you are Christian or not.

Why can he be considered as a symbol for Romans? The Pope is a spiritual and religious guide for all those who need help, also his actions dedicated to the city and to his citizens can’t be forgotten: his role is to deal with institutions too to give help in living better.


These were our 5 people who embodied the spirits of Rome. Would you like to add someone more? Leave a comment, we will be glad to know your opinion about it.

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