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10 Michelin-Starred Restaurants of the Eternal City

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Here is an overview of 10 Michelin-starred Roman restaurants so that you may discover the joy of eating Italian culinary masterpieces in Rome’s most beautiful and renowned settings. If Romance is on your mind, you will find they make for a perfectly romantic Roman backdrop to your experience. 


La Pergola 

Boasting a spectacular three-star Michelin® rating and a panoramic roof garden overlooking the Eternal City including the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica, La Pergola lets you explore gourmet dishes, fine cheeses and over 70,000 cellar-stored wines in a classic ambience that includes 18th century bronze candelabra and Aubusson tapestry. Under the direction of Chef Heinz Beck, 10 gourmet courses are available to explore, made from the finest Mediterranean foods. This world-class restaurant is located on top of the Rome Cavalieri hotel and it is the epitome of class aside from being the ultimate dining experience. 


Il Pagliaccio 

Boasting two stellar Michelin stars and a lighthearted name - “Il Pagliaccio” which translates to “The Clown”, this restaurant is fully serious about its refined, creative, high-quality gastronomy presenting some of the most original dishes in the Eternal City. After earning his first Michel star in Ravello at Rossellini’s restaurant, French-born Calabrian chef Anthony Genovese come to Rome in 2003 to create this restaurant which has reached a stellar two Michelin stars status. To accompany the chef’s unique dishes, Il Pagliaccio has a collection of 1300 carefully selected wines. 


La Terrazza

Overlooking the Spanish Steps, this Michelin-starred restaurant has a menu that will delight your senses and leave you wanting more. Chef Fabio Ciervo focuses on creating culinary experiences that strike a balance between ultimate tastes and healthy dishes that have earned him a one-star Michelin rating. Hotel Eden’s La Terrazza also features a Desserts that are the result of the collaboration between three chefs Angelo Musa, Ezio Redolfi and Fabio Ciervo for the perfect blend of Roman and French mouth-watering dessert choices. 



Offering a stunning view of the Colosseum, Rome’s ultimate symbol, Palazzo Manfredi’s Aroma restaurant features traditional Italian dishes under the direction of Chef Di Lorio who has infused his Roman and Calabrian background into his culinary creations. This restaurant has earned one stellar Michelin star for its high-quality cooking. It’s the perfect place to dine if you love a view of Ancient Rome. 



Hotel Hassler’s Imàgo offers yet another spectacular view of Rome as it is located at the top of the Spanish Steps, on the top floor of the hotel. Chef Andrea Antonini’s cooking follows a dynamic philosophy that expresses itself through unique dishes. The restaurant’s Michelin one-starred cuisine is centered around Italian dishes, honoring tradition and the seasonality but proposed in a contemporary vision. 



Riccardo Di Giacinto’s innovative, artfully decorated cooking makes this restaurant one of Rome’s top dining experiences. All’Oro is the heart of the H’All Tailor Suite, a charming boutique hotel. The décor may remind you of New York. This restaurant is under the direction of Chef di Giancinto and his wife Ramona, their strong dedication has led to All’Oro becoming one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Rome, earning one Michelin star. All’Oro dishes have a unique presentation and gold cutlery is used, tasting menus are available to surprise you.



Renowned for being the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant, this neo-bistrot is located  between MAXXI museum and Auditorium “Parco della Musica” and boasts a contemporary architectural style. Chef Noda Kotaro’s cuisine centers around mixing tastes and flavors from different cultures for an international gourmet experience that has earned one Michelin stellar star. The modern, warm atmosphere will make you feel as if you are in a welcoming living room.


Per Me

Chef Giulio Terrinoni’s culinary concept is cuisine designed especially For You which is why he named the restaurant “For Me” to help you capture its philosophy right from the name. “Per Me” focuses solely on the guest with a personalized, informal yet professional touch and dishes that cover European meat and fish. The atmosphere is modern and focuses on catering to your culinary preferences in an innovative way.



Located near the Auditorium “Parco della Musica”, Metamorfosi is a modern restaurant.

Colombian chef Roy Caceres’s innovative dishes are inspired by the changes of the seasons as he focuses on creating menus that tell a story and evoke emotions. The sensory perceptions he creates for dinners are aimed at creating memories and making them come back for more. For those willing to explore his gastronomic creations he even offers “Expressions”, free-hand creations to surprise culinary lovers.



The aptly titled Mirabelle is a Michelin-starred gourmet terrace with a breathtaking view and sophisticated elegance that make it one of the best roof gardens of the Eternal City.

The enthralling view from overlooks Villa Medici, Trinità dei Monti, San Pietro as well as the Gianicolo and may be best experienced at sunset where you can take in the Eternal city bathed in pink light. During cooler seasons, the terrace is set up as a soft lighted crystal box to allow you to enjoy the magical view of the city despite the weather, making this a restaurant with a very romantic atmosphere that aims to satisfy not only your love of beauty but especially your palate with gourmet recipes. 



Undoubtedly one of the most iconic restaurants of the Eternal City, you may have often seen Pierluigi featured in the pages of magazines and tabloids as it is often the number one choice of the famous, from Barack Obama to Jude Law, Mark Zuckerberg, Charlize Theron, Jensen Ackles as well as many many more, Pierluigi has become the must be place for celebrities who arrive in Rome. Since its opening in 1938, this restaurant has been an extremely requested venue due to its central location. This high-class venue features an American Cocktail Bar and is always adapting its upscale cuisine to the changing tastes of its clients.  Despite its atmosphere and incredibly excellent food, Pierluigi has yet to be considered by Michelin for Selection but it is the ultimate the place to be if you want to experience Rome’s social hot spot. 

These elite restaurants are not only high-class and a rich sensory treat, if Romance is on your mind, you will find they make for a perfectly romantic Roman backdrop. Have a blissful Michelin-starred dining experience!



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