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How to spend a weekend in Naples

How to spend a weekend in Naples
About Naples


Get lost in Naples’ alleys

As many old towns in Italy, Naples city center is made of a labyrinth of typical ancient alleys twisting and turning around. You may think about Naples as being divided in two by a very long straight road called in local dialect “SpaccaNapoli” that means Naples splitter. Following the ups and downs of the lively districts built along the hill area of SpaccaNapoli, you will come across its main monuments such as Gesù Nuovo Church and the Cathedral. To be sure not to miss its highlights, you can join walking tours in Naples Italy with a local guide.

Stop here and there at local food shops and explore the small colourful alleys as well: there you can still feel the bright attitude of its inhabitants and their strong personalities.

Do not forget to stop at the majestic Piazza del Plebiscito, the evocative symbol of this town.


Taste culinary tradition
Do you know that some of italian delicious specialties have been created in this beautiful land? Naples culinary tradition has been handed down from a generation to the other, always reminding of the important role of the food. To feel like a real Neapolitan, start your day by savouring an espresso and a sweet sfogliatella, a shell shaped pastry filled with cream, in one of the historic cafè such as GambrinusAt Lunch time, you cannot miss a stop in Via dei Tribunali where you can find plenty of characteristic restaurants and pizzerias to taste the real italian pizza. Our favourite ones are Sorbillo and Da Michele.

Dig into Underground Naples

Sometimes hidden gems are worth the price as much as more popular sites: the Underground Naples is definitely a treasure to discover for a trip back in time. The history of this unique city dates back 2400 years ago, when Greeks and Romans ruled this area. Luckily their still standing tracks have been all well preserved underground: secret paths, aqueducts and temples are now an unmissable part of local heritage. It is possible to access Underground Naples through the main entrance located in Piazza San Gaetano, easily connected by subway to the other districts.


Castel dell’Ovo

Naples is a coastal town and as such, it benefits from breathtaking views, sea breeze and beautiful promenades. Our favourite one is Lungomare Caracciolo, from which you can gaze at both the impressive Mount Vesuvius and the pretty seaside building of Castel dell’Ovo, literally Castle Egg, which is a must see in tours to Naples Italy.

Why does it have such a curious name? According to a legend the roman poet Virgil, who was thought to be a sorcerer during the Middle Ages, hid an enchanted egg into the Castle’s basis to protect it. The Castle would have been destroyed if the Egg had been broken: fortunately, we guess the Egg wasn’t damaged.


Admire amazing panoramas in the Amalfi Coast

The picturesque vivid villages located on the upper sides of the coastline are probably the best day trip available from Naples. Amalfi, Positano and Ravello offer their visitors amazing perspectives and lovely photo spots plus countless restaurants for a break.

During your Amalfi Coast Family tour, we recommend you to have a driver at disposal or at least hiring a car to reach each of the charming towns easily.


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How to spend a weekend in Naples

Located in Southern Italy, Naples is one of the most authentic and artistic towns in this area. ...